10 conversation starters for your first date

First dates are nerve wrecking enough without having to worry about drawing blanks when it comes to conversation.

Let’s face it not everyone has the gift of the gab, or that brash confidence. Your first date should be about 3 things: having fun, setting a great first impression and getting to know each other. Some people will take it to the extreme and overshare, whilst others will be like trying to get blood from a stone! It’s all about finding the balance between being prepared and going with the flow.  Keep in mind that certain questions will also help you find out more about their character and intentions. However, if you are someone that just wants a few starters to get you going here are 10 easy conversations to get the ball rolling:

1: Have you always lived locally/ in that suburb?

Great way to know a little about their lifestyle preference and their social habits. It also means you can work out if they are happy with where they live, which is important for a person in general.

2: Do you love your job?

Pretty important to know. It’s not so much about what they do, but if they are enjoying or loathing it. You don’t want to date someone who hates their everyday work and is always negative and grumpy. It also indicates if they are someone who pursues their passions and knows their purpose and priorities.

3: Tell me about your family, do you have siblings?

Everyone has some family so it’s an easy topic. Their response will help indicate more about their personality and values as well. It’s also a good way to lead into the question about whether they want children if that is something you want to know.

4: What’s your favourite food/ colour/ drink?

This keeps the conversation light hearted and gives you a heads up on what to order them (or wear) next time!

5: Do you have any pets?

People that love animals are usually more tolerant, kind and generous.

6: What was the last concert you went to?

This gives you an insight into their taste and culture style. You may not always agree on the same music, but it’s good to know what they prefer.

7: Do you use social media much?

This may seem like a funny question, but it’s relevant to today’s society. It can also indicate where their values lie and what they do with their spare time.

8: Where was the last place you travelled to?

Awesome way to get to know their personality, dreams and history!

 9: What do you like to do on weekends/ for fun?

It not only leads to the possibility of them asking you to join them in an activity on the weekend, but it also tells you if you have common interests. Don’t forget the importance of compatibility.

10: What was the last book or movie you read/saw?

Great way to find out more about their personality in depth and if they are someone who also knows how to enjoy life and pause occasionally.

Remember this shouldn’t be an interview or interrogation session. Don’t forget that listening actively is just as important as participating in the conversation.

                                                                                              As seen originally on My Single Connections



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