10 Mr Men to Avoid


Ok so we all seem to know those strange little cartoon illustration Mr Men characters that were a part of our childhood, each one represented a different personality trait and suffice to say we can draw parallels between certain Mr Men and actual people in our lives!

So which Mr Men have you been entertaining in your life and is time to give the boot or steer clear of? Let’s take a look at a bunch of character traits which aren’t a recipe for a happy healthy relationship:


Mr Addicted

This lovely character has an addictive personality, whether it’s to alcohol, work, drugs, women or even love this man doesn’t know how to find a balance and does not how to set boundaries and usually lacks progression in his life.

His addiction becomes his priority and usually encroaches on everything else in his life including his relationship.

Mr Commitmentphobe

Oh I’m sure we’ve all met one of these Mr Men! This man might have a lot of other good qualities but when it comes to the crunch he has a problem committing to you and perhaps even other aspects of his life.

He is constantly drifting, waiting for the next thing and living in a type of a limbo because he struggles with making decisions. You could be waiting for a while with this one and it will require a lot of patience, there’s no guarantee with anything he says or does and the key is to look at his actions as well as his words.

Mr Passive

Hello Mr Doormat! This man just sits in the background and allows life to pass by, he’s not overly motivated or ambitious and when it comes to conflict he would rather sit there silently or give in (which isn’t always a good thing; we need men to challenge and grow us.)

It’s usually you making all the decisions which of course means role reversal and can be a little frustrating.

Mr Dishonest

This is a dangerous one because basically lying is his strength. Trust is something that is essential to a relationship and not something that should be compromised on.

Whether this man is being dishonest with his friends, work, self, or you it will leave you feeling anxious and unsettled because you never know what is really going on.

Mr Lazy

Not much fun here this Mr Man is not only lazy with his attitude, work and self but also his relationship. A man that has no discipline, self respect or drive is not the most motivating person to be around, not to mention a little boring!

Mr Selfish

Relationships are about equal give and take , a man who is blatantly selfish will also take more than he should leaving you feel drained and inadequate .

And it doesn’t just mean he is selfish in his actions, he will be selfish with his time, compliments, money, affection, in intimacy and the list goes on. If he doesn’t make you a priority and makes you feel needy for wanting the basics then let this one go. He is also known as Mr Neglectful !

Mr Talk and No Action

Basically when his words don’t line up with his actions, he promises you the world but never follows through (mainly because he is selfish, scared of commitment, dishonest or lazy!)

A real man will make his woman a priority and she will be able to believe and trust him to deliver the goods. You’ll know soon enough is he is one of these Mr Men; “sorry” will be used a lot with another excuse to follow after!

Mr Control Freak

This Mr Man likes to keep you on a leash; it’s a little bit of a power trip, usually because he is insecure within himself. He might even show signs of OCD with things like his car, house, clothes etc; basically he doesn’t know how to trust and let things be.

He might even try to control your social gatherings, friendships, money and dreams and usually uses emotional blackmail and harsh words to keep you in place. Not cool!!

Mr Abusive

The name says it all, this man is not going to play nice! Abuse comes in all shapes and forms, just because someone isn’t beating you doesn’t mean there behaviour or words aren’t abusive towards you.

Get out of this relationship, abuse of any kind is not acceptable or healthy and doesn’t have to be an option in your life. This man basically uses fear to control and keep you and it’s not something you have to tolerate EVER!

Mr Insecure

Last but not least this man is insecure in himself and his words and actions towards you reflect this in almost everything. He will usually put you down, and at times it will be a competition for him against you.

This man won’t be supportive or loving to the best of his ability because he hasn’t learnt how to support and love himself in a healthy way. He will usually use emotional blackmail to keep you because he also has a lot of fear of inadequacy in his life.

Ladies, finding the right man isn’t as daunting and as hard as we think, it all begins with recognising your own value first. You are worthy of a man who has all the opposite qualities to the above list , and yes he does exist!




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