10 Things to Talk About with Your Boyfriend for a Better Relationship

What are the normal things to talk about with your boyfriend?


Trouble in paradise?

However perfectly matched you and your beau are there comes a time in every relationship when things start to plateau.

You get so familiar with each other that you may stop trying. You don’t text as often as you used to. You find yourself with awkward silences on conversations that you could previously carry for hours.

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy fix to this funk. All you have to do is find new topics of conversation! Slowly but surely this will awaken interest and desire that will get you moving again. So what exactly can you talk about?

10 subjects to talk about with your boyfriend

The relationship’s exclusivity

This may be the most important topic to talk about with your boyfriend. You both need to define the relationship. It ensures that you are actually on the same page, that you are not growing apart.

So, you can take a check out those DTR conversation starters to see help you initiate the discussion.

Relationship expectations

Expectations change all the time.

Even if you have had this conversation before it would be a great idea to go over it again. Maybe you have developed a habit that he doesn’t like. Or it could be that you have noticed some pet peeves from him that are driving you mad. Whatever it is make sure to always keep each other up to date on what you want.

Exes and past serious relationships

When you run out of stuff to talk about with your boyfriend, you could always stir things up by bringing up each other’s relationship histories.

Beware that this could turn disastrous in case there are romantic hung-ups over exes. But it is a great way to gain insight into your man. Some questions you could lead with include:

  • Who is your favorite ex, and who is your worst?
  • What was your first relationship?
  • How did things end with your exes?
  • Do you have any past relationship regrets?

Individual dreams and life goals

You have probably seen this as a suggestion elsewhere, but its value in your relationship is immeasurable.

Like expectations, these change a lot too, and it is always great to know where your partner’s head is at. It also gives you an idea of whether or not you fit into each other’s concept of the future.

Random thoughts and feelings

Sometimes it pays not to overthink it.

When you are lying on that couch in silence, say the first thing that comes to your mind. It could be a feeling you had about a recent encounter, a weird thought, or discuss how to be more loving and affectionate.

Let’s talk about sex baby

Addressing your intimacy as a couple is also a great idea when you feel you have run out of topics.

It is important as it allows you to get back in sync by understanding each other’s desires. Here are a few talking points to go over:

  • Sexual preferences and expectations
  • Fantasies and kinks you would both like to try out
  • The meaning of sex to both of you

Future date plans

Nothing livens up the mood better than planning future dates.

You can even go as far as actually having a date calendar to keep you both accountable. Research fun date ideas in different price ranges and you will never have an excuse not to go out.

Interesting memories

You can still take a fun little trip down memory lane without stirring up trouble like with the ex-conversations.

Here, you get to explore innocent moments in your boyfriend’s past. Some great topics to cover are:

  • Embarrassing moments
  • Best and worst birthdays
  • Fun or disastrous childhood holidays.
  • Friends you both lost touch with and why

Hypothetical scenarios

If you have exhausted all real-life things to talk about with your boyfriend over text, on-call, or even in person, you should try make-believe. Come up with made-up scenarios and discuss your opinions. Below are a few examples in case you feel stuck.

  • If you had a signed blank check with your name on it what would be the first thing you bought?
  • If you had a superpower, what would it be?
  • If you could travel through time and space where and when would you go?
  • If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Controversial social topics

Finally, you could stir up a debate to keep things interesting if you feel you have run out of things to talk about. It is great if both of you are very stubborn and love to have healthy debates. Some controversial topics to talk about with your boyfriend include:

  • Politics
  • Genetic cloning
  • Pro-life vs. pro-choice
  • Food lifestyles like veganism, pescatarians, and so on
  • Anything else you disagree on.


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