10 tips on how to survive Saturday night as a singleton!

 Image courtesy of nenetus at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of nenetus at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It’s the weekend, and everyone is getting excited and swapping plans of all their amazing “couply” things they are going to do like snuggle at the movies or laugh over expensive wine with another smug couple, or climb the Eiffel tower together whilst spurting romantic poetry t! Ughh needless to say your plans as a single gal are looking a little bit different , however before you succumb to sitting on the couch with a block of chocolate , a box of tissues and a cat watching woeful “Rom Coms” ,or go out dancing on tables with randoms while consuming copious amount of alcohol… here are a few survival tips and rules to remember:

1: You don’t have to justify your plans to anyone

Your life is not every one’s Facebook feed, if you don’t want to go into depths of why you are staying at home, or why you don’t want to join their couples dinner party then don’t. Keep them guessing, your choices are your right.

2: You don’t have to justify your marital status to anyone

So you’re single, and so what? Don’t feel the need to explain to everyone, why you are single and why you haven’t met the one and yes you are dating blah blah, keep your response short and sweet . It’s not their business and it doesn’t define who you are, what’s important is if you are happy.

3: This is just a season not a lifetime sentence

Don’t get stuck in the moment, weekends can be hard when everyone else is being social or cosy with their loved ones, you can tend to feel a bit lonely or even desperate. But this is just a small season in a lifetime, the right relationship is worth the wait, in the meantime, stay busy and focus on creating an environment that you can be happy as a single in.

4: You are fabulous, desirable and worthy

You are an incredible woman and you have a lot to offer and non of that is taken away from you just because you don’t have a man to appreciate it. Your relationship status does not define who you are, nor should it be the soul means of your happiness.

5: Hooking up with randoms will block the right man

Whilst it’s easy to fall into the trap of being with just anyone if you can’t have someone it’s not always a good idea. Being starved of company, affection and the rest of it makes us incredibly vulnerable, so guard yourself and remember the bigger picture.

6: Staying in means you save money 

 That’s right! Although you may be curled up on the couch whilst everyone else is partying the night away , you will be having the last laugh when they check their bank accounts the next day 😉

7: Act single and you will stay single

By this I mean if you act in such a way that is too carefree, promiscuous and frivolous then chances are some men will think you aren’t serious about wanting a real relationship and so you’ll attract the non-commitment types and block the good ones!

8: Stop comparing yourself to everyone else

Everyone has their own story and journey, there is no right or wrong time or exact age that you are meant to get married and settle down. Being single doesn’t mean you are a failure.

9. The right man is worth the wait

There’s no point settling for Mr OK when you can wait a little bit longer for Mr Awesome , don’t lose perspective, he is coming , he’s just sight seeing along the way!

10: Keep busy and stay focused.

being single is a great time to focus on your own happiness and self worth, it gives you the opportunity to harness becoming the best version of you.  Learning to be content in a season of no man will set you up for a lifetime of happiness and a great relationship.

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