10 unique and different date ideas to inspire romance.



It’s August (yes already!) and that means it’s Romance Awareness Month! And new research by eHarmony reveals Australia is a nation of romantics, with 96% Aussies believing romance is an important part of dating and relationships.

When we think of romance, we usually conjure up images of candlelit dinners, rose petals and long walks. We rarely think to go to festivals and stuff our faces with food or learn to be an acrobat for a day. However, I think it’s time to think outside the romance box to challenge your relationship and take your romantic gestures to a whole new level. When we create new and exciting experiences in our relationship, we grow as a couple and make positive memories. Here are 10 different types of dates to keep your romance and relationship fresh:

romance awareness month

1: Float away with Sydney Float centre

Have you ever thought to go on a date whereby you both lie in a pod of salt where all your senses are completely levlled out? Probably not. Sydney Float Centre gives you the chance to feel zero gravity without having to go to space. It’s a relaxing and different type of experience which is sure to give you something new to bond over.sydney float centre

2: Be waited on by Menuchef

If you still want the dining experience but don’t want to leave your home, then this is the perfect option. Menuchef offers you the chance to have your very own personal professional chef cook up a 2 course meal in your own house. It’s about the same price as a night out, except it’s 5-star gourmet cooking and they’ll even do the dishes afterwards.

3: Eat and drink in a local festival

Nothing says love more than being able to eat and drink in front of your partner whilst walking around. The Good Food and Wine festival is on this month and it is a must to attend if you want to have a different type of date. It’s fun, interesting and casual, plus you can eat and drink till your heart’s content.

4: Boutique beer tasting class

This one is sure to be a romantic winner with the men. Forget about wine tasting, why not give a boutique beer tasting class a go? Not only will you get to learn about the stories behind each brew but you get to learn how to decipher the different tastes on your palate. In short you get to drink lots of beer.

5: Fly high with a Trapeze class sydney-trapeze-school

If you have trust issues (or height issues) then perhaps this isn’t the right type of date for you. However, in saying that, flying through the air and learning how to be a circus performer for a day has to be fun! Take your relationship to new heights with a trapeze flying lesson and stretch your romance beyond its comfort zone.

6: Run for a cause with Colour Run

There is nothing more romantic than knowing you are both bonding over something that is for a good cause. In this case you will be running to raise money for different charities and promote a healthier lifestyle. It’s fun, it’s colourful, it’s messy and it’s only 5 kms … who said that cardio couldn’t be romantic?! colour run

7: Dance the night away

Forget about just a boogie at your local club, why not step it up a notch and take a private dance lesson? At Redballoon.com you can choose either to become a tango master or even a salsa specialist. The classes are affordable, fun and sexy!

8: Make your own wine

The Hunter Valley is always a good idea, but why not make your next visit a unique one. At Two Fat Blokes you can go through the process of making your own wine and then take it home as a souvenir. You even get to stomp on all those grapes with your own feet…how romantic is that?!

9: Sleep with the zoo animals

The Roar and Snore at Taronga zoo has always been a favourite romantic date alternative. Not only do you get dinner, drinks and accommodation in the package but you also get to feed the animals and see the zoo by moonlight. Think of this as an African safari on a budget.

10:  Get your spook on with a historical Ghost Tour ghost tours

Last but not least, if you want to up the romance in your relationship then try the Ghost Tours. This will have you grasping each other’s hands and clinging to one another as you wonder through the historical Rocks of Sydney, listening to tales of debauchery, betrayal and other ghost stories. It’s interesting, interactive and even a little bit scary.

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