10 Ways to Romance Your Man !


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It’s not everyday that we are encouraged to reverse the roles of romance , but it’s time to start a culture that allows women to give back to men the way we expect them to give us.  Here’s 10 quick ways to show your man that you appreciate him:

1: Leave cute little  love notes

It’s time to break out the post-its or buy some new stationery from Officeworks! Each note doesn’t have to be an essay stating your undying love , but rather just a simple few lines to let him know you love him or appreciate something he has done .

Leave them in random places you will know he will see e.g: under the toilet seat , in his gym bag or on his pillow.

2: Surprise him constantly

Men love a challenge and more so in the woman they love . This doesn’t mean jumping out of the dark at him or turning up with a puppy , but rather doing things out of the ordinary routine and bringing spontaneity back into your relationship .

3: Tell him how much you appreciate him

How easy it is to get so caught up in the daily grind of life that we forget to tell the man we love , what we love about him! Simple words of thanks and encouragement will not only make him fell wanted but that he is also for filling his role as the man.

4: Cook him his favorite treat

It shouldn’t have to take a special occasion for us to spoil our man, surprise him one night or even two in a row by making his favourite dinner , or dessert or lunchtime snack.

5: Pay for the dinner

Time to switch roles and be the one who pays for the bill. This isn’t emasculating him but rather showing that you want to spoil him this time round and that you two want to contribute .

6: Listen to him without talking

Take the time to sit down and make him your full attention, listen without commenting or hijacking the conversation. Be engaged in what he has to say and offer your support .

7: Buy him a present for no reason

It’s amazing how we expect flowers for no reason but don’t necessarily think to reverse the act. Whilst flowers may not be up his ally , think instead of something significant but small that would brighten his day .

8: Send him random texts throughout the day

Tell him you love him , ask about his day , send him a joke or a selfie , the texts are as limited as your imagination. Build a friendship with your man not just a romantic relationship.

9: Organise and take control of the date nights 

Men like it when we take charge occasionally of the roles they would normally for fill. Show initiate and be the one to plan, make the calls and organise everything , let him be the one to be courted.

10 . Look beautiful for him …daily 

Take the time to look after yourself and go that little extra mile to impress him with your appearance just as you would have when you first started dating . Yes we all get busy , but at the end of the day it all boils down to your priorities , and your relationship should be number one.  It takes 2 minutes to pull a brush through your hair and whack on some mascara , bronzer and lippy so no excuses ladies !





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