10 ways to know he might be The One .


photo from www.allweddingtalk.com

photo from www.allweddingtalk.com


I often get asked the question “how do you know if he’s The One?”

This is usually proceeded with the obvious question “does The One even exist?!” (Although lets save that one for another day). The thing is ladies you will always have a choice with whom you decide to play that role in your life, unfortunately there is no bell that rings as soon as you meet him or a neon sign flashing above his head, it is entirely up to our heart and mind, but here are 10 good indications to look for:

1:He respects you

This man’s words, actions and treatment of you all scream respect for you and your relationship. In essence he is someone whom can be trusted and is a gentleman. This man is secure in himself and understands self love, hence why he is able to treat you in a respectful manner.

2:Your values and future plans line up

A good indication is that there is unity in your plans, values and morals. Basically you both agree and want the same things, there is minimal conflict and you have more in common than just liking the same movies!

3:You are a priority

You are at the top of the list, he makes time for you and you are an integral part of his life and plans and you know this because you don’t feel neglected and he gives you his first and best. You aren’t an afterthought or an option, you and your relationship are his main concern.

4:He meets you half way

This man is fair, he understands that he will need to compromise, that there is equal give and take and he makes a conscious effort to for fill his role in the relationship. The feelings between you are MUTUAL as is the desire to make your relationship grow and be as functional as possible.

5:He loves you as you are (unconditionally)

He makes you feel that who you are is enough. Whilst he encourages you to grow he also loves who you are at every level. When you are at fault he is quick to forgive and does not hold grudges or constantly reminds you of your downfalls. You feel that you can be yourself around him freely ( no walking on eggshells or having to prove yourself here!)

6:There is PEACE, progress and minimal conflict

This is probably the biggest indicator that this man is the right one for you. If you feel peace within his presence and with the decisions you make together plus there is constant growth and minimal fighting then you have found a good egg. Relationships require consistent hard work but they aren’t meant to be full of anxiety, stress or conflict.

7:He listens to you

This man takes the time to listen to you daily, he remembers what you say and offers encouraging and positive advice. He cares about what’s going on in your world and makes the effort to be involved. In other words he is your friend as well as your partner.

8:You can’t imagine a life without him

He is the first thing on your mind the moment you wake up and the last thing before you go to sleep. You are attracted to him, in love with his character and have passed the phase of infatuation. Whilst you are a whole person you can’t imagine not having this man in your life because he adds to your happiness.

9:Your life is enriched by his presence in it

This man builds you up and brings out the best in you. He makes you laugh, offers you comfort, counsel and your life is enhanced and flourishing.

10:He encourages your dreams

Lastly this man wants to see you succeed, he encourages all your dreams and desires and actively tries to support you in any way he can. It isn’t a competition who earns more or is more successful as he is secure in who he is and loves to see the woman he loves do well.

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