14 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year!



photo from venusbuzz.com

photo from venusbuzz.com

Ok so the big day is almost upon us and before we start to boycott it because we “Don’t believe in such a Hallmark Holiday” or “everyday should be Valentine’s day…” let’s just take a moment to have fun! We all know that February the 14th has a love/hate place in our hearts, but let’s face it while we don’t need an excuse to be romanced; it’s always nice to make the effort especially on a nationally recognised day. But now it’s’ time to get our creative on and do something a little bit more original and imaginative than just eat copious amounts of chocolate and be swarmed with flowers(although these two things do still sound great ha!) so let’s take a look at a list of ideas:
1: Picnic on the grass
Pick a spot with a good view, bring the rug, the wine and go all out. Make is a “grown up” picnic so to speak and perhaps even bring some portable music and candles , but don’t forget to check the weather first!
2: Home cooked dinner
Theme it up and make it a little more special than normal, create some atmosphere with candles and music, dress the table fancy and go that extra mile . Or even have a little picnic on the lounge room floor with cushions. Essentially make this dinner stand out from the norm.
3: Outdoor Cinema
Whether you choose to actually go to an outdoor cinema or create your own at home with a bed sheet and projector in the back yard, make going to the movies a whole new experience!
4: Couple Massage
Why not get pampered together and end the day with a relaxing massage, it’s a nice way to enjoy an indulging body session with your beau and you’ll both be so zen that any fights from the week will be forgotten about!



5: Horse Riding on the Beach
Romantic much?! This is probably one of the coolest ideas and bound to melt any girls’ heart. Plan ahead with this one and make sure you are comfortable on a horse!
6: Restaurant and Fine Dining
Go somewhere that you have both always wanted to go, step away from the usual places and get adventurous, dress up and make an experience at of it .Make a night of it and change venues for pre dinner drinks, dinner and then dessert!

7: Star Gazing
This is a little more than just lying on your back; hire a telescope or go to a public observatory and do something a little more whimsical together. Word is you can even buy a star and name it after your love!
8: Day hike and Activities Outdoor
Who said that everything had to be at night?! Why not take some time off to plan a day trip full of adventure and active things to do like hiking, stand up paddle boarding, ice skating or even bike riding. Do something fun and get a workout at the same time, remember couples that train together stay together 😉


9: Write a Poem
Look why not? Even if writing isn’t your forte, it could be fun trying to outdo each other with your original poems! Perhaps you could even read it to music …
10: Plant a Tree
Ok this might be a little hippie, but it’s an original and unique way to remember a time in your life. Watch it grow over the years and be reminded of your love every time you look at it. (Especially when you are fighting)
11: Group Celebration
Throw a party, whether it’s for couples or singles or both make an event out of this day! The theme is already chosen so it’ll be easy to plan, and a great excuse to have fun with your friends. Organise some V –Day games (no not spin the bottle, we aren’t 14!) and get everyone to bring something along to support the cost.

12: Go to the Zoo
Why not?! It’s a quirky and fun way to celebrate the day and bound to put a smile on both of your faces.
13: Volunteer for a community foundation
Doing something charitable together is a great way to stay humble and thankful for what you both have, so why not make Valentine’s Day this year about giving back together as a couple . There are plenty of organisations that need volunteers daily, so pick something either close to home or close to the heart!
14: Try a new experience together like Trapeze Flying!
#YOLO right? Do something out of the ordinary, challenge yourself and each other and go a little extreme, whether it’s circus lessons, kite surfing, sky diving or even learning to ride a motorbike, why not take it to another level?!

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