10 positive Affirmations to Say That Will Change Your Life!

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Life can be cruel and our heart can take a punching, but before we start to let circumstances of life, or heartache get us down , here’s 10 things to remind yourself of  ( just in case you forgot how wonderful you are) :

1: I am enough!

Yes you are and you always will be , so stop beating yourself up and comparing your progress to others. Your value is not based on your past , people’s opinions or someone’s treatment of you .

2: Men do not control my happiness.

Only you are responsible for your happiness and the choices you make daily can either build it or tear it down . So start by focusing today on what truly makes you filled with joy .

3: I can and will achieve my dreams.

The only person stopping you from achieving your goals is yourself ( in most circumstances) dream big, stay humble and work hard .

What you want is significant and the world needs you , so don’t stop believing you can achieve your hearts desires , because you are most definitely worthy of them!

4: I am worthy of more.

Never settle for second rate love , abuse or constant heartache. You were created to be loved and treasured beyond what you could imagine, so set the standards at the right height.

5: I will not end up alone.

We were not created to be alone and the great news is we can fill our lives with joyful company . Just because your present situation doesn’t include a partner doesn’t mean that your future won’t. Stay positive and remember to find joy in your own company .

6: I am beautiful.

There is no one like you , and no matter what your size , skin colour or length of your hair is you are still unique and beautiful. Stop letting society dictate what beauty is and start seeing yourself as a wonderful creation .

7: I have the power to make better decisions and build a better life.

You have the the choice every day to make better decisions that can build a positive future.

8: Today will be awesome!

Speak what you want into your life and manifest positivity daily so that you can live life with joy in all season no matter what is going on.

9: I am forgiven and I can forgive.

You don’t need to live in guilt or condemnation and you do have it in you to forgive someone who has wronged you . Live a life of forgiveness and watch it be filled with peace.

10: I am not defined by my past.

What a great relief that our past does not define us ! Stop letting it hold you back and learn to let it go so that you can move forward into the future.

Image courtesy of photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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