Does True Love Really Exist? #askRenee

Image courtesy of nenetus at

Image courtesy of nenetus at

A: Yes it does , but first you must have an understanding of what true love really is and what it takes to be able to find it .

Unfortunately the answer to those two things are not something that I can just give you magically in one sentence, alas it is a matter of discovering it for yourself.

What I can tell you though is that “true love” never looks the same to each person , yet it all has the same initial feeling on our hearts and it all has the same principals and foundations .

Disney has painted this fairy tale picture and Hollywood has turned it into a dramatic story, however real love is in fact more simpler then we think .

I don’t believe that your happiness should depend on someone else, but I do believe that a real love with someone can add abundantly to your happiness, life and soul.

I think you can fall in love more than once and from experience I can tell you the first step to finding true love , is learning to love your self truly .

For myself I learnt to love myself wholly by living in the grace of God, this then allowed me to grow and live with purpose and joy , which in turn set me up to meet my dream man who gave me a love I knew I was deserving of.

The problem is when we are searching for something so hard , we lose perspective and  can often start inviting the opposite of what we want.

Love isn’t something you search for , it is something that already exists within yourself and once you realise that you give permission to different types of love to be attracted to you.

Finding someone to share and build a true and for filling love with is a process which you are essentially in control of , so don’t give up , your love story is waiting for you!

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