5 Ways to Build Intimacy Without Sex


Building intimacy without having to have sex in your relationship is a sure way to set you both up for a deeper connection and stronger foundation.

They say there is no greater distance between a couple than misunderstanding , however the void between two people can also occur when there is a lack of awareness of each other , affection and communication.

Life gets busy and it can take its toll on our relationship , but when we continue to refocus on what is important and how we can strengthen the foundations , we give ourselves a fighting chance to get through any season.

Here’s 5 quick ways to work on intimacy with your partner:

1: Talk and listen to one another

Communicating with your partner isn’t just about getting across what you need him to pick up from the store, or relaying the tasks and events of the day, but rather it’s about connecting with them on a deeper level.

Great communicating skills will make your relationship so much easier and peaceful, so how do we master this task? Here’s a few quick ways: –

  • Listen not to respond, but rather to actually demonstrate that you want to hear what he says and that what he says is important.
  • Be transparent, open and honest, if you have something on your mind then express it, just make sure it’s not spoken from a point of heightened emotion.
  • Embrace silence, learn to speak less and no hijack the conversation. You don’t always have to have the last say.
  • Think about what you want to say BEFORE you say it, your words have the power to build someone up or tear them down.

2: Find out their love language

If you haven’t read my post on the Five Love Languages then you need to stop and click here.

Understanding the way in which your partner gives and receives love will be a pivotal step in your relationship, as it will make communication easier, build intimacy automatically and progress your relationship faster.

To give you a quick overview, your partner will instinctively express his love and receive love in one of these 5 ways:

  • Words of affirmation
  • Gifts
  • Physical Touch
  • Quality Time
  • Acts or service

When you discover the way in which he feels most loved, you are then given a free ticket to be able to express love to him in the best way possible.

3: Spend quality time together

By doing something fun together regularly, you not only build memories, but you also create unison and a different level of intimacy.

Quality, uninterrupted time means you can both relax and really get to focus on one another, it also offers the opportunity to communicate and function in a different environment without the added stress of normal life.

Whether it’s taking up a hobby together, doing a physical activity or simply sitting down to a nice meal, there is always a good reason to set that time aside to spend with each other.

4: Be affectionate often

Studies have proven that we need a minimum of 10 hugs per day to give us the daily dose of oxytocin (which is the hormone that helps us feel good about ourselves.)

Being physically intimate with your husband doesn’t just mean you have to have intercourse; kissing, touching and hugging are all acts of affection which can sometimes have such a deeper meaning of intimacy than sex ever could.

A simple squeeze of the hand to reassure him, or a morning kiss before you leave for work are just a couple of small yet effect moments of affection.

5: Learn to communicate without words

How wonderful it is when you are so close to you partner that a simple glance between you two can communicate a thousand words or understanding.

This isn’t something that can be taught, but rather will come by default when other areas of your life start to unify and bloom.

The best way to help this quality grow is by being honest and transparent with each other, connecting regularly and cultivating a great friendship between you both.


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