16 Bad Dating and Relationship Habits to Kick

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The year is now starting to get into full swing and sadly that means that we can no longer indulge in the “Christmas spirit” of eating too much food and putting off what we should do now into the  “I’ll do it in the new year”  barrel.

But with every new year also comes the chance and excitement of lining our ducks up in a row, getting organised, completing our bucket and list and kicking new goals.

It’s that turning point of celebrating the old year but also getting ready to battle the new one ahead and sometimes we can get a little overwhelmed with where to start.

Amongst all the usual goals of losing weight, curing cancer, saving the world and only eating organic we also need to remember to keep our relationships in check as well.

1: Bad communication

Good communication really is one of the key elements to keeping your relationship healthy and happy.

Essentially if you never learn to communicate well with each other than you have a long hard road ahead of you.

Simple ways to communicate better include talking instead of texting, listening without interrupting  and speaking what’s really on your mind and heart without attacking or being dramatic.

2:  Beating yourself up constantly

It’s time to start loving yourself with your thoughts and words. You are what you repeatedly do and think, so let 2016 be the year you build yourself up, stop labelling yourself and focus on an unconditional self-love.

3: Comparing your relationship to others

We all have standards and dreams we want achieved, but stop thinking that what someone else has is the be all and end all. You never know what goes on behind doors and each relationship has its own set of circumstances.

4: Settling for second best

The only person stopping you from living in a happy, healthy and for filling relationship is yourself, so what are you waiting for? Stop lowering your expectations based on what you are receiving.

5:  Always living in the future or past but not the present

We can’t change what happens and the only way we can somewhat control what can happen is if we focus on the now. Choose to deal with reality so that you can build the future you want and heal from the past you had.

6: Oversharing on social media

Whilst we may choose to open our lives to the public, it doesn’t mean we can’t control what we let them see. Keep the clothes line at home for airing dirty laundry, not your status!

7: Dating the wrong man over and over again

If you can identify where you are going wrong, then it’s time to consciously make the decision to date men that aren’t toxic!

8: Jumping to conclusions

Don’t let your insecurities ruin your chance at a happy relationship, learn to trust again and let go of fear.

9: Forgetting your manners

Turn up on time, call don’t text, put your phone away on dates and say please and thank you! It’s amazing how small gestures can up someone’s respect for you.

10: Belittling or publicly humiliating your man

I cannot stress how important it is to build your man up with your words and actions. It’s not about building his ego, but rather kind and positive words build kind and positive reactions!

11: Chasing after love

Love will come when you have learnt to be whole and happy without it. Wait for it.

12: Setting your expectations too high and your standards too low

Try and find the balance and understand what is normal and what is either unacceptable or unrealistic.

13: Rushing the romance

Let the man court you before you consider getting serious or intimate. Get to know his character first (his intentions) before you give him your heart.

14: Creating unnecessary conflict

It’s time to skip the drama, lay down you weapons and choose peace instead of conflict ( it may also be time to look into why you do it )

15: Making your happiness depend on one person

Stop putting that pressure on your man/ date. You need to learn to be whole and happy first without someone else. No one should complete you (contrary to the popular Tom Cruise film) they should only add to you.

16: Trying to change your man

Let 2016 be the year you start to accept what is the truth instead of living in false hope. Men can change, but they can’t be forced and loving them for who they are will give them the confidence to step up into the man you need them to be at times.

Image courtesy of nenetus at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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