Ideas for a Hen’s Party on a Budget!


Because let’s face it , getting married isn’t cheap!

I love seeing friends get married, and getting an invite to the hen party is always an honour too.

The problem is, weddings can be expensive not just for the couple marrying but the guests too. Usually, brides will ask their friends to chip in for the hen do, or at least pay for their drinks.

A lot of the time it’s no more expensive than any night out, but it can end up costing more. Many brides are conscious about overspending and asking their friends to spend too.

They often want some money-saving ideas. Here are some great ones I’ve discovered that will help you keep your hen party on a budget.

Stay at Home

If you ever want to save money on anything, the answer often lies in doing it yourself. As everyone knows, going out and buying drinks is much more expensive than drinking at home.

Your house can be just as fun a location for your party as anywhere else. And there’s much more you can do than just drinking. Of course, having some hen party shot glasses on hand won’t hurt.

As well as drinks (cocktails are always fun), you can have a meal together or just get in lots of nibbles. You could also plan some activities, from pampering sessions to games or just watching some movies.


Book Early

When you want to book things for a group of people, earlier can often be better. There are lots of places that have early bird deals. You’ll also have more choice if you start looking at your options earlier.

Otherwise, you could end up missing out on the cheaper options. Booking early could help you to negotiate a great deal too.

Businesses love to be able to guarantee customers ahead of time, so locking in a booking far in advance could help you save.

Get a Last-minute Deal

On the other hand, waiting until the last minute can be a good idea sometimes too. It depends on what you want to do and where you want to go.

If you want to go away somewhere, even on a budget, waiting until the week or even a few days before could help. You can find some fantastic offers because hotels are trying to fill up their remaining rooms.

So you might even be able to afford to go somewhere sunny for the weekend. 


Enjoy the Outdoors

There’s one thing that’s usually completely free to enjoy: the outdoors. It doesn’t cost anything to go for a walk or a bike ride. You can keep your costs minimal if you want to go camping or do something else outside.

If you’re an outdoorsy group of friends, there’s lots you can do. Even if you’re not at home in a tent, a bit of glamping can be just as good as staying in a hotel.

Hen parties don’t need to be expensive. Try my tips and you and your girls will all make great savings.

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