1o quick fixes for getting over The Ex!

If you are serious about trying to heal your heartache and need a few practical ways to do this then read on! I have written many other posts on healing and moving on after a break up which go into much more depth and they can be read here….and here…and here! But for now let’s skip all the soul searching and over analysing and look at 10 ways you can help move on:

1: Get rid of all the photos!

Out of sight out of mind really is a common saying for a reason. This means get rid of any memorabilia and emotional memory triggers (within reason) you can find. Cleanse your space and in turn cleanse your mind and heart.

2: Delete his contact details

This goes just beyond his mobile number, get rid of his email, snapchat and whatever other means you have of being in contact with him. Don’t put that temptation in front of you, do yourself a favour and make it easier to just not even go there.

3: Clean out your social media accounts

STOP STALKING HIM! This goes for Facebook and Instagram, every time you look at his page you are digging the knife in deeper, so just stop and erase any memories or connections of him.

4: Buy new sheets and change your bedroom furniture around

Out with the old and in with the new! Change your personal space up a bit and refresh it so you can create a neutral ground again to build better and fresh memories.

5: Get a haircut or colour!

Why not?! If you want a change (or can’t afford a holiday) or perhaps just want to feel beautiful about yourself again then this is one way to do it.

6: Go on an adventure

Travel to anew country or explore a new place, just get out there in the big wide world and start seeing all the wonderful things in life you have always wanted to see.

7: Hit the gym

Get physical, it’s an awesome stress release and helps clear your mind plus it’s good for your health and will make you feel fabulous!

8: Write a list of goals

Set out a new plan of all the things you want to do, list your dreams and goals and start working out how you can achieve them.

9: Write a letter to him and then burn it!

It’s not crazy, it’s actually really cleansing and brings a sense of closure and helps you get all the unspoken things off your chest without actually having the pain of seeing him face to face.

10:  Go on a group date

It’s time to get yours elf back out there and in good company , line up some gal pals and get them to bring some guys you haven’t met and learn to mingle and laugh and have a good time like you used to.


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