3 Life Events That Are Also Worth Celebrating


Life should be celebrated , not just lived…

It goes without saying that newborn babies , joyful engagements and weddings need celebrating.

But what about life’s other big events?

The ones that are somewhat smaller, or perhaps even have a negative connotation attached to them? These events shouldn’t be overlooked, or shrugged off; they should be celebrated too!

Here are three examples.

A job promotion, whether big or small

As it is not a major life event like a birth or marriage, many of us sweep away job promotion with simply a shrug and a smile. Stop doing this now, and start to take stock of your achievement!

Our careers help to define us, and when we succeed in them, we should allow ourselves a huge amount of pride.

Remember, you were a newbie once and now you are performing so well that your company not only want to keep you in their ranks, they want to move you higher. Instead of shrugging a promotion away, celebrate it.

Invite a few friends over for a dinner party. In fact, you can use the evening to celebrate how all of the group are doing in their current careers and jobs.

Remember, it’s not about the size of the promotion, or the amount of any pay rise. It’s about you succeeding in your career. Give yourself a pat on the back!

A divorce from an unhappy marriage

If you’ve recently gotten a divorce, it will be a challenging and exhausting time. This goes for whether or not it was a straightforward uncontested divorce, or got a bit messy.

However, some wrongly assume that divorce is always a sad and gloomy time. The reality is that actually, it’s totally okay to be happy that the divorce has gone through, and you are now separated.

In fact for a lot of women this change represents a new found freedom and hope or even a second chance at a real and whole love . And if you want to mark this new season in your life in a commemorative way than then there is no shame in doing that!

One great way to do so is to take a solo vacation or city trip.

Time away from your usual surrounding will give you a fresh perspective. Being in a new place might help you move on. It might inspire thoughts and ideas about where you want to head next.

This might be with your love-life, but it might just as well be ideas about moving to a new job or new city.  The problem is that we usually associate divorce with failure , when in fact getting out of an unloving and unhealthy relationship is actually a triumph.

So don’t feel like you have to beat yourself up or stay locked up inside , even if it wasn’t ideal for your marriage to end , it doesn’t mean that your happiness has to as well.

Paying off your mortgage

Debts are something many of us have to deal with in our lives, and one of the biggest ones for many of us is our mortgage. Once you pay yours off,  then you should definitely celebrate!

The best way to do this might not be to spend a fortune and undo some of that hard work so opt for something cheap or free.

Take a night off from cleaning the house and have a movie marathon with your favorite snacks, or perhaps even go grab a bottle of cheap bubbly and gather your friends .

The important thing in life is that we learn to also recognise our achievements so we aren’t just focusing on the negatives or problems.

There are many little things that we can choose to celebrate daily , such as our health, friends, family , even something as simple as having a roof over our heads. Your mindset is ultimately what will shape the life you have , so be sure to keep it in check!

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