3 Signs You Are Repelling Men!

Man repelling…not exactly something we want to be known for or experience!

Perhaps you have no trouble attracting them in the beginning, but it always gets to one point where they then start to go cold and distant and run for the hills.

It hurts because essentially, it’s a form of rejection and being rejected is never a fun emotion to feel.

Now of course we need to also remember that we don’t want to attract EVERY type of man, and that some have done us favours by exiting our lives #byboy!

But at the same time, we want to make sure you aren’t scaring away the good ones as well.

You see this is about being able to tell the difference between the two, but also knowing what you are doing to self-sabotage your own chances of love.

Yes, that’s right I can never just simply blame it on the guys, we also have to take a look at ourselves.

So, let’s get into the 3 main reasons why you are making men run in the opposite direction:

1: You have taken away his role

We live in a society now where women have really challenged the traditional female role. This is #awesome …but it has also meant that many men feel less of a man.

Now I personally think all women are Queens and that we are such strong and incredible beings. And I also think that some men really need to step up to the plate.


I also know that men and women will always have different roles to play in the world and in a relationship and the moment we try to take that away is the moment we put an expiry date on the relationship.

I’m not talking about home roles, i.e.: woman in the kitchen, men have to work. #hellno

I’m talking about CHASE.

Ladies, the men are meant to chase us, we aren’t meant to chase them…so why are we doing it then?

If you take the one thing that he had been biologically and mentally wired to do …where does that leave him?

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2: You are your own worst enemy

I was an expert in self sabotaging every relationship. Let’s face it, I can’t bring you all these pearls of wisdom by just reading about it!

Whether it’s baggage from your childhood or past relationships, you can’t keep lugging that toxic stuff around if you except a decent man to stick around.

Good men don’t run from you for no reason. And as hard as it is to admit that we can be the main problem, it is the first step to learning to deal with it.


3: Your reactions are sealing your fate

Have you ever been called the following: needy, insecure, a nag or my favourite …crazy?!

All those words hurt, mainly because they aren’t who we really are, it’s just when we allow our emotions to get the better of us, we can come across the that way.

Men take our reactions literally and even if we don’t mean it, he will have most likely already made up his mind that this is a part of who you are.

When we can learn to choose our response in a controlled and emotionally intelligent way, we leave him intrigued by who we are.

Girls a good man will want to commit to you, but at the same time we can’t expect him to just magically do it if we aren’t coming across as the right woman to commit to.




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