3 Simple Strategies To Succeed in Dating

Wow, dating can be a real rush!

It may be that first spark and the butterflies in your stomach you get when you meet someone with potential or the dawning sensation that the person you have been seeing for a while has the potential to be a long-term partner?

Unfortunately, dating isn’t always fun, in fact, it can also be tough going, especially in the modern world. That is why you need some strategies up your sleeve to help you succeed and find lasting love. Read on to find out more.

Don’t get addicted to the feeling of online dating

Online dating is amazing! It allows you to meet all sorts of people that you would never cross paths with in real life, and so helps to expand the circle of selection for your next relationship.

Combine that with that fact that the best sites have some truly effective algorithms for helping you choose the people that you date, and you really have got a winning formula.


However, it is important to remember that online dating sites are a tool for finding your next relationship and should be used for that. I say this because it can be very easy for them to morph into a weird self-confidence boosting activity, where actually finding the love of your life becomes a secondary goal.

Of course, it’s great to know that you still have it and are attractive to the opposite sex. However, if you find yourself going on a load of first dates that you love, and then the spark is fizzling out soon after it may be time to consider whether you are using them for the right purpose?

After all, you won’t achieve your long-term goal of finding a life partner if you get bored after one date because it’s this feeling you are skiing and not a true connection with another person.




Don’t write off previous failed relationships

It may be controversial to suggest that past relationships shouldn’t be written off as having the potential for the future after all some folks prefer to leave their ex firmly in their past.

However, sometimes relationships finish because of small surmountable issues like location, career pressure, or emotional readiness. That means it quite possible that they may be successful; if attempted for a second time.

To help you give a past relationship a second chance, it can be useful to first get some advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back, as well as spending some time thinking about how to ensure you don’t experience the same problem you did last time. Both things that mean you can make a real go of dating this time around.


Do stand in your own power

Last, of all, make sure that whatever you do you as a woman, stand in your own power when it comes to dating. That means knowing what you are comfortable with and what you want from a relationship and sticking to that.

Not only is this important for your future happiness and wellbeing, but it’s also vital as it sets the tone for what the other person can expect from you when you are dating. Something that means they will know right from the beginning whether you will be compatible and successful as a dating couple.  

This was a collaborative post with some fabulous people!



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