3 Tips for Wedding Planning


Welcome to wedding planning , that special time in your life where you start off feeling completely excited until you realize how time consuming , expensive and stressful the process can be!

Most of the time when we think about our wedding , we envision the magical day and tend to forget that there are a whole heap of steps to take before hand to make it happen .

You’ve made a super organised budget plan, whittled down that guest list and found your dream dress. The wedding planning is now well and truly underway, and there are finally some ticks on your to-do list. But wait! Is there anything you’re forgetting?

Forgetting to organise certain things on your wedding day won’t make a disaster, but you might regret it further down the line.

Don’t let this happen by being sure to cover all bases by keeping a checklist or even a diary of what needs to be done.

With that in mind, here are three things that the Bride and Groom regularly forget about or perhaps prioritize at a later date and then have to rush around like a crazy couple instead of being able to sit back and enjoy another glass of champagne !

Don’t forget about… a wedding videographer

A wedding photographer springs to every new Bride’s mind and then goes straight on her ‘to book’ list. But how about Wedding Videography?

As special as wedding photographs are, they just can’t capture the actual action. They can capture an image of that speech your Dad did that moved everyone to tears, but they can’t capture his words.

This trend will play through the whole day. Later, you’ll be able to look at snapshots of special things that happened, but not see them replayed in front of your eyes. This, however, is what wedding videographer captures.

It also takes in the things you might not get to see. The Bride, for example, probably won’t get to see the guests as they arrive. This means you will miss excited faces as they see the venue, its decor, and your other guests!

Don’t forget about… some late night snacks

If you are doing a full day wedding, you will already know that you need to provide everybody with both a lunch and a dinner.

These things are pretty obvious; after all, you don’t want rumbling stomachs during the wedding speeches! However, have you considered late night wedding snacks?

If you feed your guests at 1 pm, and then again at 6 pm, this might sound fine. But what if your evening reception goes on until midnight or 1 am?

If they finished their evening meal by 6.30 pm, that is a long time with nothing to snack on. Lay out a late evening buffet to counteract this.

Because let’s face it , people are happier and able to relax more when their stomachs are full , and there should be no need for your guests to have to do the late night kebab run.

Don’t forget about… the daytime music

When it comes to music for a wedding, most Brides and Groom skip straight to thinking about the ceremony and evening reception. Sure, these moments are important.

You’ll want a beautiful song to play you down your aisle, and a joyful one to walk the two of you back out. Equally, when the sun goes down and disco ball lights up, you’ll want tunes that get even the most reluctant of guest up and dancing.

But what about the daytime? Having some background music for the afternoon reception is a lovely addition.

Before you feel like you have to hire an orchestra to set the vibe , simply try making a list on Pandora or I Tunes and then just press play , it means you can control the music , plus it doesn’t cost you a cent!


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