3 Styling tips to boost your confidence on a first date


Self-confidence is the best outfit on a date, be it your first, second or third.

But often times you might feel nervous on a date. The reasons – Am I overdressed? Did I wear the wrong lipstick? Am I showing too much skin or screaming for attention? And the list of doubts goes on… The chances of getting it right on your first date is dicey. Your first date is the one that helps set first impressions and usually influences whether or not you will go on a second date.1

Let’s say you haven’t met this guy, his first impression about you will be based on your overall appearance – personality, chemistry and of course how you look will also affect his attraction levels to some degree. So there are a couple of basic things to keep in mind when you choose your outfit. What time of the day is your date? What is the venue? Are you feeling comfortable in your outfit? If you have properly checked these questions, you are good to go girl.

Don’t let the whole dress to impress notion put pressure on you. Here at LaSculpte we have been helping everyday women boost their self-confidence through our shaping clothing line. Don’t take us for our word. Read these tips to boost your confidence and help you have a super date.

Look trendy, feel comfortable

2First things first, choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in. When you are comfortable you feel confident, smile more often and have more fun. When in doubt try sticking to your personal style instead of trying out a new trend – pick an outfit that gets you the most compliments.

Speaking of comfort, if you live in cooler climates nothing feels better than a good pair of leggings. Leggings are a wardrobe staple and very versatile to wear. Leggings look great when worn with boots. Throw on an over-sized pullover or a blazer on top for a polished, chic look. You can be certain to get many compliments.


Alternately, if you are living in a summer climate, choose a dress that shows some skin but not too much. Pick a dress with prints, colours and also that which flatters your body shape. Prints will sport you as a fun person. It will help you camouflage your belly so that you can eat freely and have fun on your date. You can even wear a full body slip or a camisole underneath your dress for extra support of your core and look sexier.

Look cute in activewear

Gym clothes are not only comfortable but they also make you look extremely cute whilst being stylish. It is one of the reasons why the athleisure trend is here to stay. That means you can wear them everywhere else, yes, even on a first date. But there are certain times when activewear would work on a date.4-1

During the day for a coffee date: You can definitely wear activewear in a casual environment. Put on your favourite tights, preferably black colour because they are very versatile to go with most outfits. Wear a cool sports shoe or converse, white striped shoe  adds contrast to your outfit and a light coloured summer top.

On a lunch date: There is nothing more appealing to a man than the curves of a woman. Yoga pants make your booty look great. So put on those tights with your sports shoes and a white summer top outfit for a cute and casual look. You can also play around with printed tights for a funkier outfit.

Going for a dinner date – Yes, you can. Wear black tights with slim heels and sweater. Done!

Get some extra support

Every woman can do with some extra support, especially on a date. It is your secret power. Wearing a comfortable shapewear under your dress will accentuate your curves which will make you feel more confident.

If you are going on a dinner date and want to look great in you favourite dress than a shaping slip is a great option. It acts like your second skin, hugs your curves and gives you a smooth and toned silhouette. It helps to hide your muffin tops and enhance your curves.


We know you must be thinking that “what if my date finds out that I am were wearing a shapewear under my dress.” This can upset some guys but most men don’t care once they have already been impressed and a connection is built.

So you are ready to go out on a date? We hope these ideas will help you calm your nerves or add an extra boost of confidence on your first date. What you will actually wear depends totally on how you feel. Whenever you are confused feel free to come back, refer to these suggestions and most importantly have fun dating.




LaSculpte is a growing woman’s clothing retailer based in Sydney, Australia. LaSculpte’s trendy new lines of activewear and shapewear are sculpted for your inner lady warrior to help women everywhere look and feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.



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