4 must haves for this Valentine’s Day

Are wanting to look for an excuse to either spoil yourself or get into the mood for V- Day this year? Look no further than these 4 great ideas below. You don’t need to be in a relationship to feel loved up this Valentine’s Day. Instead of buying you and your single bestie flowers again, try something a little new.Or if you need to send the man some hints… I guarantee the first one will be leaving you feeling more than satisfied!


1: The NUTELLA box 

Um hello chocolate heaven! This should probably be illegal. The Valentine’s Day Nutella box is one step closer to heaven on earth. It comes with everything a chocoholic could ever want . Including a giant Nutella syringe…need I say more?! But hurry because there are only a limited amount and it would be devastating to miss out on so much Nutella goodness!






2: Limited edition Dr Martens 

If you were growing up in the 90’s you would be familiar with this iconic shoe. Well now it’s back in fashion again, only this time it comes in true Valentine’s Day linted edition style ( heart and all) . This shoe is ideal for anyone wanting to look the part on the 14th of Feb. And of course if you want to wear them any other day that’s cool as well. Docs are showing some true #toughlove style in a collection that consists of a brogue boot and shoe made from a new coated, soft, smooth grain Venice leather, the perfect gift for that special someone this Valentine’s Day ( or for yourself I say).



3: Make-up Not Tears 

If there ever was a time of the year to feel glam and spoil yourself with a little beauty , it’s Valentine’s Day. Thanks to our friends over at Napoleon , they have put together the perfect V-day pack . The Make-up Not Tears pack comes with a hot shade of red matte lipstick, nail polish to slay with and a cute cosmetic bag. But if I was you I would just head straight in and purchase a make-over which you can then redeem on products anyway. #winwin !



4: Nail polish that says it all 

OK this one is super cool and unique. Think of your favourite nail polish colour , with your very own custom message printed on the outside?! Neat huh? Say It With Polish is the first and only Australian company to produce a luxe nail polish collection able to be completely customised by the purchaser – the colour, the label; you name it (literally)! Made in Australia, Say It With Polish’s high-quality products blend the fashionable with the functional, making for a memorable and unique gift for even the fussiest female.

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