4 Romantic Picnic Locations Your Must Try!

August is Romance Awareness Month …

Just in case you had forgotten or needed an excuse to up the anti in your love life!

So we thought we would get creative and take on the old picnic date and shake it up a little.

Who says that date night have to stay indoors? Whether you are cosying up here in Australia or sunning yourself in other parts of the world; food , romance and the outdoors is always a good idea.

We spoke to our friends over at FTD Design , who have given us some great tips on how to choose the perfect location for your next picnic date !

So if the dinner date at a restaurant is getting a little stale and the weather is looking up , why not try one this weekend?

Happy Dating!

Top Photo by: Darren Bester for The Pretty Blog and Food Styling by: Martha Who

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