40 Acts Of Service To Boost Your Relationship

When’s the last time you did something for someone else? Whether it’s reminding your loved ones just how loved they or offering a back rub, you’d be surprised by the impact you can make on someone’s day.

The best part is, it doesn’t cost you much at all aside from a little time. Plus, seeing someone you love smile will be well worth it. As a reminder of the many things you can do for someone else, ProFlowers created a collection of acts of service ideas. Save the ideas below and share them with your significant other!

Browse through our collection to find endless ways to nurture your relationships and take Gary Chapman’s love language quiz to discover more things you can do to connect with others. Take a break from your own to-do list and check something off someone else’s.

Now that you’ve mastered ways to show someone your love with acts of service, you can elevate your expression by incorporating another love language like receiving gifts or spending quality time with one another. Pick out a fresh bouquet of flowers or a potted plant to set out next to your empty sink of dishes. If you’re looking for more ways you can show your love, take a peek at these romantic quotes or use a few I’m sorry quotes to personalize any apology.

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