5 Kinds Of First Dates To Experience

Dating is practice for long-term relationships.

If only we could all skip that awkward first date. You know, the one where you have no idea what to talk about, and you worry about seeming foolish.

Everyone knows that the entire relationship hinges on having a successful first date. A first date is not simply a first date. There are multiple kinds of first dates. Here are five of the most common.


  1. The Blind Date

This is the one where the well-meaning friend or relative has decided you have been single for too long. Obviously, to them, there is no way you can be happy living life on your own. So, they set you up with someone they know will be just perfect for you.


They gush and tell you all the things that you will love about this mystery person. Sometimes they arrange the entire date. Sometimes they simply give your number to your mystery date and the two of you arrange the details.


Typically, neither of you has met the other person face-to-face before. Blind datesrarely turn into anything more than an extra awkward first date. Most of the time, your friend or relative doesn’t know you (or your mystery date) as well as they think they do.


As awkward as a typical first date is, a blind date is doubly awkward. You have the added element of not being 100 percent sure you are even sitting across from the correct blonde haired, blue eyed person.


  1. The Double Date

This is the Blind Date’s awkward first cousin.In this scenario, your friend, sister, or brother, and the love of their life has decided that both you and their best friend need a meaningful relationship in your lives.


The catch is they don’t think you can handle being on a date alone. So, of course, they plan a date for the two of you, with them. You both get dragged along to their favorite activity – usually something that requires you to talk to each other – then they dominate the conversation.


You and your date share meaningful awkward silence while your friends knowingly exchange glances and silently pat themselves on the backs for a match they just know was made in heaven.


Occasionally, you will have a double date that leads to a second date, but it’s more likely that you will part company at the end of the evening and only see each other again at your matchmaker’s wedding.

  1. The Adventure Date

Someone at the gym asked you on a date, and you eagerly accepted. When your date texts to make the plans, you are told to dress for a casual activity on a weekend morning. You’re probably about to experience an adventure date.


Hiking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, skydiving, or other outdoor activities are the hallmarks of an adventure date. These dates can be fun if you enjoy those kinds of activities, but they are typically not conducive to real, honest conversation.


Unless you know the person you are with pretty well, these types of dates can add an additional element of awkwardness. You now have to trust them to look out for your well-being during a physical activity, and you are somewhat responsible for caring about their well-being as well. Not to mention, it is nearly impossible to create a good first date impression if you’re sweaty and having to focus on your breathing.


  1. The Movie Date

Sitting in the dark at the theater does not really allow you to get to know the person you are dating. You might learn about the sound of their laughter. Is it cute? Does it make you want to run for cover?


The choice of movie might give you insight into the person’s personality. Bonus points if you get to choose the movie.


In addition to the no conversation awkwardness, there is also the question of how close you sit to each other. Should you hold hands? Do you keep space between you? Unless you are going for coffee or something after the movie, you may not learn enough information to know if you want to have a second date.


  1. The Dinner Date

Whether you choose a casual restaurant, or a fine dining establishment, dinner is a classic first date choice. You can learn a good deal about someone over shared dinner. Not only can you have conversation that extends beyond simple small talk, but also you can observe mannerisms and eating habits to help you determine if you would like a second date.


Also, you have the potential to learn about your date’s spending philosophy. Were you told to order anything you want, or did you hear, “Choose from the specials, please”? Or, did your date simply order for you? When you order, pay attention to your date’s reaction to your choice, and pay attention to the choice your date makes as well.


Food choices can spur conversation and can reveal your date’s propensity for either adventurous or play-it-safe habits.



The first date is the most awkward of all dates. A good first date can lead to something special. A bad one can lead to nights spent alone in front of the television.


Choosing your dating partner and location wisely can help you to ensure a better first date experience.


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