5 Quick ways to help heal a Broken Heart

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Love is a dangerous game, contrary to popular belief, all is not fair in love and war, and in fact sometimes it’s downright unjust and totally sucks!

We’ve all been there after a break up, the endless crying, chocolate consuming and general sense of grief that takes over our life for a period of time. Broken hearts are a serious matter, because it effects every aspect of our lives and often blurs our perspective and clouds our thinking.

Whilst there is no magic pill or quick fix for healing our hearts, here are 5 quick, practical ways to help it mend:

1: Get up and get outside!

It’s easy to just want to stay on the couch or in bed all day where you can ponder and cry in peace and quiet, but moping around will only delay the process.

Get some sunshine, go for a walk or hire a bike and take it for a ride around the lake, try to focus on the beauty around you rather than the pain inside you.

The trick is to not only distract your thoughts but also to induce positive endorphins so that your energy is lifted. Staying active through a break up will give you something else to put your energy into (and it will have positive effects on your health!)

2: Watch a movie that makes you laugh and cry.

Let all those emotions out, it’s important to acknowledge them, but don’t forget to consciously also try to bring back the happier ones as well.

Gather some girls friends, put on your pj’s and watch a few comedies where you can just laugh for no sensible reason at all. Even a small burst of joy can improve your day.

3: Organise some pampering time.

Break ups really drain us, they make us over analyse and beat ourselves up, so now it’s time to focus on giving yourself a bit of love! Book yourself in for a facial, massage, pedicure or whatever makes you feel beautiful.

Stop living in guilt and start indulging in something that is centred all around you. It will not only help relieve stress but you will feel and look renewed afterwards.

4: Stop comparing yourself.

Just because it didn’t work out, doesn’t mean you will end up alone! Comparison is the biggest joy thief, and it shouldn’t be ruling your emotions.

We can’t force things to work, but we can choose to accept the things we can’t change. Every relationship is unique and the success or failure of it does not define you or your future.

5: Do some journalling.

Often after a break up we still feel like we have a lot left to say, but calling your ex or texting him at 3am in the morning probably isn’t the best way to get it all out!

Grab a book or piece of paper and write a letter to him, get everything off your chest, but don’t send it, burn it instead ( not to sound dramatic ) .

Write down your wants, pains, needs and desires and let your hand say what your heart is feeling, whilst it might sound a little airy fairy it actually helps relieves stress and gives you a sense of closure.

And remember this is only a season , you will heal, you are worthy or the best and love will be along at the right time.

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