5 signs he’s dating other women!


Are you acting crazy or is your gut tell you something?

It’s hard enough finding the perfect outfit for a date let alone the perfect guy, especially when the one you like starts to give you mixed signals and you have no idea where you stand with him.

Well it’s time we start to identify the “time wasters” straight up before we get our heart and time involved.

Here’s 5 quick ways to work out whether your new beau has eyes for you only or multitasking other women into his dating schedule:

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1. He never plans anything in advance with you

This guy doesn’t seem to want to lock down any future (as in 2- 3 days in advance) plans with you. His tone, words and answers are always ambiguous and non committal.

Any plans for the weekend are always last minute and you get the feeling that you are the second choice.

He’s interested in spending time with you but usually when it’s convenient for him as he always seems to be quite “busy” and has a lot on his schedule. Ladies the right man will chase you, make a way for you and book you up in advance because he will value your time together and make you a priority.

2. He can’t commit to anything

This transcends through everything he does and says. You never really know if you are coming or going and don’t have much peace over your time together because it’s usually has restrictions or a time limit.

You can’t plan anything with him because you don’t know if he will follow through. When you ask him direct questions even his answers are uncertain so you never know what he is feeling or what he wants.

3. He checks his phone constantly when he’s with you

This old chestnut, no you are not crazy for noticing how much he is always looking at his phone! If he is constantly distracted by it during your time together and is quite secretive or mentions that the females that are texting him are “just friends” then alarm bells should be going off!

If a guy really has eyes only for you he won’t even be wanting to lose what precious time he has with you by staring at his phone and texting like a teenager.

It doesn’t mean you should start accusing him and stalking his phone, if you feel like you have inkling to do that it’s usually a good indication he isn’t the right one!

FREE GUIDE : The 9 Types Of Women That Make Men Run

4. He doesn’t chase you

If this man isn’t booking you up, trying to see you as much as possible or chasing you then chances are he isn’t on the same page as you ( and quite possibly he is on a few other women’s pages!)

It’s not about having him stalk you and beat down your door, but basically if you aren’t a priority and he doesn’t make an effort to see you then it’s probably because his thoughts and time is preoccupied with other “friends”.

You shouldn’t be an afterthought or a second option, if he doesn’t want to be with only you then he will not be spending quality time with you.

5. He seems secretive and nonchalant about you

Biggest indication is if he has to hide you or your relationship. If his friends don’t know a thing about you (or call you by another woman’s name!)then chances are there are a few little pretty things on the scene.

If he can’t remember to be a gentleman around you, is non committal, distracted or just doesn’t really make the effort , then girlfriend take your time and hot bum elsewhere where it’ll be appreciated!

You don’t need the drama, the anxiety or the game playing; sometimes the decision has to be black and white especially if he is just giving you continuous shades of grey! When you meet a man that has eyes only for you , you’ll know in his actions as well as his words right from the start.


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