5 Things We Can Learn From Sam Frost (The Bachelorette)


How refreshing it is to have a reality TV show in which the woman representing all single girls looking for love in the country is in fact a beautiful, intelligent and confident goddess who does us justice!

Sam Frost has not only done the sisterhood proud but she has also kept true to herself, stayed dignified and taught us all some valuable lessons along the way. So let’s take a look at 5 things our Bachelorette has taught us:

1: You can bounce back after heartbreak

Being dumped is hard enough without the whole world knowing about it and having splashed across every magazine, however Sam has still managed to stay dignified and come out the other end in one piece.

In those dark moments of heartbreak we can often lose perspective and feel like we will never be happy , let alone fall in love again.

However eventually time heals our heart and offers us new opportunities that can lead us to a whole new love and adventure. The key here is that Sam chose to embrace that new chance to love , even if she wasn’t completely healed yet .

Sometimes there isn’t a specific date or line drawn in the sand for when you are ready, but there are chances to move forward and that’s all you need to focus on.

2: You don’t have to put up with anyone else’s crap!

Ahh we all remember that moment ( perhaps more than one!) where she completely shut down the “international model ” David!

The great thing about a woman that knows her true value and what she wants in life is that she is not willing to put up with other people’s opinions, insecurities or criticism .

Samantha Frost has been a great example of a strong woman who is more than confident in telling a man when he is out of line, this doesn’t make her arrogant or a bitch , but rather a woman who isn’t afraid to stand for her worth .

Who you are is enough and just because you have been hurt or broken in the past does not mean that you are any less of a person and should be treated as less of a person .

In every relationship you have, you have the choice to say no to abuse or mistreatment or even a opinion you don’t agree with .

3: It’s OK to know that you aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

This was really refreshing to see , especially on national TV! When Sam confided on one of her dates that she understood that she might not be every guys dream girl or type and she was completely fine with that.

In today’s world we seem to have so much pressure as a woman to be everything all at once just to secure a man . It’s like this unspoken memo that gets passed around , or a Chinese whisper which eventually gets another talent or attribute added to the end of the ever growing list !

It can be exhausting trying to keep up with the demands of society or simply trying to fit the mould of what you think is the perfect woman.

The good news is that you don’t have to do that any more, just because a man may not click with you, does not mean you aren’t any less if a woman but rather you just aren’t suited to each other.

Everyone has a type and that is completely normal and vital to having relationships. If we were all cookie cutters of each other it would get very boring and we would all lose our identity as individuals.

4: Chemistry does exist and so do gentleman.

How funny it is that it’s more acceptable to settle for second best nowadays rather than wait for the fairytale. Perhaps because we have  mixed up the concept of a “fairytale” with Disney stories rather than chivalry and being made to feel valued.

Having a man treat you with respect, open doors for you or perhaps carry your bag  is not a sign of helpless dependence or weakness but instead it shows a wonderful trait in a man that is willing to honour his woman.

Here’s the thing girls, there are many things in life that are mediocre so why should love be one of them?

It’s not about being unrealistic and setting your standards so high that no man can for fill them , but rather just having a certain standard in mind which includes being treated like a lady and not settling till you meet a man that set’s your heart on fire!

5: Love is a journey.

Oh that it is , and unfortunately it’s an unpredictable one because most of the time we are still working out what we want along the way.

It will come with it’s up and down and there is a high possibility that we will get hurt…several times along the way . However like any journey, if we learn to make better choices, choose clearer directions and keep going no matter the diversions then we will reach our destination .

Yes it may take us a few attempts before we finally get there , but each step along the way is chance to learn something new and each day is one step closer to our goal.

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to be in a certain place at a specific time, learn to just go with the flow and accept that there will be things you can’t control or change and that’s OK.


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