5 Things You Need For The Perfect Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings are exceptionally popular.

You might also think of vintage themes, countryside settings, barns, weddings that incorporate nature and the outdoors, even if they are inside.

Rustic weddings bring to mind thoughts of the forest, of browns, reds and oranges. A rustic wedding is cosy and magical, and can ultimately be exceptionally romantic


One of the reasons that rustic weddings are so popular is that they are a little different. A rustic wedding gives you a chance to step away from tradition, or to make a few small changes, to express yourselves as a couple.

A rustic wedding can be free from structure and give you a way to have fun with your big day. These kinds of weddings particularly appeal to outdoorsy couples that love nothing more than exploring nature and enjoying the great outdoors. 


But planning a wedding is never easy. Even once you’ve decided on a theme, there’s plenty more to think about.

There are so many decisions to make, and it can be so easy to get carried away with all of the decorations and accessories that promise to make your day perfect.

It’s easy to lose sight of what matters, and to get lost in all of the extras. So, to simplify things, here’s a look at five things that you need for the perfect rustic wedding. 


A Magical Setting  For Planning The Perfect Rustic Wedding


Top of your list will be the perfect setting. When you think of rustic weddings, you might imagine large open barns, big farm houses or even expansive village halls out in the countryside. Mint Springs Farm can be the perfect location for your magical rustic wedding. 


When looking for locations you might want to find somewhere with a large hall of open space, where you can have some fun with the decor, and your guests can relax and enjoy themselves.

You might also want to find a space with an outdoor area that you can use, to add a more natural feel to the day. You should also think about where your photos will be taken, and what kind of backdrop you’d have. 


Colour For The Perfect Rustic Wedding 


A rustic wedding gives you a chance to add plenty of colour. Stay away from fairytale colours like pinks and purples, and instead, think of deep, autumnal colours. Burnt orange, browns, yellows and other tones that you find in nature should be your inspiration. 

Invitations and Stationery For The Perfect Rustic Wedding


Your invitations are your chance to let people know about your theme. Find the perfect rustic invitations, and stationery to match. Choose these carefully, as they will give you a starting point for the rest of your plans. 


Accessories For The Perfect Rustic Wedding 


Have fun with your accessories. This is how you’ll turn your location into your perfect wedding venue, and make it unique. Head to charity shops, yard sales, vintage shops, second-hand stores and flea markets in search of your props.

Think burlap, jam jars, candles, lanterns, bunting, logs and apple crates. Get out into nature in search of pine cones and acorns, and create your own rustic centrepieces. 


The Right Food For The Perfect Rustic Wedding 


A rustic wedding might not be the right setting for a fancy three-course meal. But a retro 80’s buffet won’t work either. Hog roasts are a popular choice, and a BBQ can also work well. You might want to add an even cheeseboard, or a rustic afternoon tea. Think informal and relaxed.


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