5 things you need in your Valentine’s Day Get-Ready-Kit

So Valentine’s Day is literally only a few days away . Whilst you may have the perfect outfit ready for your romantic date, here are a few other little things that you need on the day :


The Limited Edition Ecoya Candle

This is honestly the nicest candle I think I have ever smelt. And I am not just saying that. If they make a perfume with this scent then I will be the first in line to buy it!  I am a candle-o-holic , I think they are perfect for helping you set the mood and give your home something special. Whether you want to light it whilst you are getting ready , or you are having at at home dinner date, this little gem will leave your house smelling like the Chanel fields in France. ( this one has a musk/ vanilla smell #yum )





Ardell Lashes 

Ladies, if you can’t afford or don’t like extensions , then get the next best thing : a set of false lashes! Adding a little extra volume to your own lashes will help open your eye and give a more sexy and dramatic look. Plus they are fun to wear. With multiple skus that will compliment any eye shape and style these lashes are ultra comfortable and wearable for the whole night long.




   Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Tan

It’s summer, so tanning and golden skin is in. A good natural tan always makes you feel more confident. It evens out skin tone and hides all the lumps and bumps we all have. This tan is easy to apply , doesn’t transfer onto clothes and smells fabulous. Super natural looking colour as well. Enriched with Argon Oil this will nourish and hydrate the skin leaving it beautifully soft and ultra touchable.






Transformulas Lip Volume 

This peppermint flavoured gloss will work to plump you lips and provide ultra hydration for super kiss-able lips! It’s the natural and noninvasive way to get full lips . Plus it tastes yummy and smells good. Keep it in your purse and put it on a good 5 mins before you want to kiss your man .




Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

This is basically a little pot of goodness that is going to keep your skin looking plump ( like your lips!) . It’s packed full of all those scientific ingredients that keep you skin full of moisture. I found it was really light weight and had an instant effect. I even put it on top of my make-up , because it’s so hot this summer ! When your skin is hydrated you look more youthful , so it’s a win win for me!






Photo by Pixabay 


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