5 Things you should never apologise for.

photo from ctvnews.ca

photo from ctvnews.ca

There comes a time when we feel guilty because of other people’s opinions about our choices or relationship.

But it’s time to draw your shoulders back to stand up tall and to stop letting the words and views of other people affect your happiness.

This is your life and you have every right to feel the way you do whether it’s victorious or broken hearted, everyone is at a different season in their life and working through their own journey.

So let’s look at 5 things that you shouldn’t be apologising for:

Wanting more

There is absolutely nothing wrong for wanting all those fairytales that live in your heart. If you want to get married, have children and be in a for filling and happy relationship then you should be proud to scream that to the world.

It is totally normal to yearn for such things and the best news is you are deserving of more. You deserve to be treasured, to be honoured and loved in such a way that your heart fills with peace and joy.

We can sometimes think we are being unrealistic or asking too much of our partner or life for wanting what is actually just the basics! Write down a list of everything your heart desires in your relationship and remind yourself daily that you are worthy of that ( this doesn’t mean asking for unicorns and diamonds) .

Wanting a man

Hello you are normal! Wanting a man is normal!! It does not make you desperate or incapable of being happy without one, it actually is a natural and genetic inclination to yearn to be loved and to love someone.

We aren’t created to be alone and trying to suppress that feeling of longing is only going to make you feel miserable, because it’s there for a reason!

It’s there to remind you that you are created to be loved and that a man is waiting to do just that it’s just a matter of timing and making the right decisions to make way for him in your life.

Walking away

Heartache is a horrible thing and a failed relationship can be something that makes us feel embarrassed or ashamed of, especially if you were with them for some time.

It’s ok , no one is perfect and it takes great strength to be able to walk away from something that is unhealthy and making you unhappy .

It doesn’t mean you are crap at love or that you have even failed, but rather it’s just another chapter in your book whereby you have grown and learnt more about yourself and what you want.

Keeping things private

My gosh if only more people did this than maybe more relationships would last! However thanks to social media and all the different ways to update the world with your daily dilemmas, privacy seems to be a rarity in today’s world.

The less people that know your business the better, fewer opinions means less confusion. Not everyone needs to know if you are going through a struggle, which is something that should be between you and your partner and a few trusted friends.

If people are starting to pry then shut them down, do not feel guilty because your relationship should always take priority over some else’s need for gossip.

Being single

Embrace your singleness (this doesn’t mean party like an animal and pash lots of randoms!) but rather learn to enjoy this season, because that’s exactly what it is, a stop along the way not a destination.

Being single at whatever age does not make you a freak of nature, it does not mean you have failed at relationships and it certainly doesn’t sum up your life or the next 40 years!

Don’t feel like you have to justify to people why you aren’t married or have a boyfriend, it’s none of their business. It’s important to learn to be happy without a man first so that you can make sure that when you do have one he only adds to you not completes you.

People will always have an opinion so put on your filter ( or some earplugs) , smile keep calm and carry on .



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