5 tips on how to have an awesome dating profile

Online dating and dating apps are an innovative and easy way to meet someone.

Think of it as your virtual business card to attract the right type of suitors.  But like any sort of profile, we need to make sure we are showcasing our self in the best way possible. It’s easy to join a site or app and just expect to find a great date, but more than often we have to sift through a few frogs.

But if you find that you are either constantly getting the brush off or attracting duds, then perhaps it’s time to refresh your profile. Here are 5 quick tips on making sure you stand out in the sea of fish:

1: Choose the right photo

This is usually the draw card, so make sure the photo you pick is one that truly represents you. Stay away from pictures that have more than one person in it, as it becomes confusing who actually is the person in the profile. A smiling and happy photo is always a great way to attract positive suitors. Keep it real and stay away from any photo that is too staged, a more lifestyle and candid shot always works well. Lastly choose a photo whereby people can see your eyes. Wearing glasses of hats that hide your face just makes it more difficult for people to be able to see your features and might make them think you have something to hide.

2: Tell them about yourself but keep your bio limited

The great thing about online dating and dating apps is that you are able to really get to know someone before you even talk to them. Use your info section as a chance to introduce yourself, list you good qualities and what you are looking for. Feel free to go into detail, but make sure you don’t waffle on or over share. It’s about finding the balance of creating interest whilst still leaving some mystery.

3: Fill in all sections.

Make sure you fill in and answer every section as it will really help narrow down the playing field. There’s no point leaving out information which is vital to attracting the right type of person for you. It doesn’t mean that you must go into extreme detail, but rather it’s about being honest about what you really want and who you are as a person. It also gives the indication that you are more serious about your quest to find love, because you have nothing to hide.

4: Make your profile name sound genuine, stay away from anything cheesy.

Try and keep the cringe factor at zero. Cheesy names or lines like “let’s say we met at a club” are just not going to work. There is nothing shameful about putting yourself out there. The thing is you are still trying to set a great first impression, even if it isn’t face to face just yet.  So, act and portray yourself online how you want to be perceived because consistency and honesty will always get your far.

5: Don’t lie

There is nothing worse than being lied to in a relationship, so make sure that you are being honest from the start. Keep your profile and photos updated, even if you aren’t your ideal weight or exactly where you want to be career wise, stay true to your current situation and appearance. Unmet expectations can be lessened when we are transparent about who we are and what we want. It also means that you will attract the person who genuinely likes you for you.

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