5 tips on how to flirt like a pro!

Flirting doesn’t come naturally to all of us. Whilst falling for someone or courting them might be a piece of cake, flirting can be a whole other ball game.

Often, we can feel awkward, especially if we don’t have a lot of confidence or are just nervous. The last thing we want to do is leave a bad impression on someone we are attracted to.

However, flirting is more about just going in for the kill with a kiss, it’s everything from body language to banter, so here are 5 quick tips on how to get you do it effectively:

1: Your smile is your number #1 weapon

When we smile, we enhance not only our facial features but we also send out the signal that we are invited, relaxed and receptive to the person we are with. Whether you think it’s your best asset or not, your smile is key to making the person you are with feel comfortable and important in an instant. We all know that when someone smiles at us, we automatically feel better and a little special, so don’t underestimate such a small and easy action.

2: Eye contact is important

Eye contact is something that can really take a conversation to the next level. Purposely making eye contact with someone, will get their attention and signal to them that you are looking and thinking only about them. This isn’t about staring at them so they feel awkward or uncomfortable, but rather looking at them directly when you or they are speaking. It shows confidence and good manners in one swoop. Plus, it also connects you to them in an intimate way without any words or touch.

3: Your body language indicates a whole lot more

Your body language will immediately send the signal to someone if you are flirting with them. Make sure you aren’t sitting too far away or have crossed arms or legs as this shows that you are shutting off and guarding yourself. Turn your body and legs in towards one another and be conscious of what your body movements and actions are suggesting. A slight touch on their shoulder, a hand on the small of their back, or even a brush of the hair are all easy and appropriate ways to flirt without coming on to strong or invading personal space.

4: Use your words to woo

Now is the time to pay attention to what they are saying and respond accordingly. Compliment your date and make them feel singled out and special. But be sincere and don’t go overboard. Flattery is one thing, but saying how beautiful or handsome they are every 5 seconds will just make them feel uncomfortable. Try to pick out a feature to compliment like their eyes, or smile or skin. Let them know that you are noticing the details of who they are.

5: Good manners goes a long way

It may seem a little basic, but having good manners is a great way to flirt. Acts of politeness and chivalry will show that you are purposely trying to make the other person feel special, safe and comfortable. Say thank you when they give you a compliment or please when you ask for something. It might not be directly flirting but it will make you look considerate and smooth and that is always more attractive.

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