5 Traditional Valentine’s Day rules that need to be broken!

Yes it is that time of year again. Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is happening again and it’s time to break the rules. We are after all in the 21st century and times have changed! Here are 5 traditions of the big V- Day that need to be broken:

1) Only the women get to be spoilt
Tradition would seem to have us think that it is the women who need to be spoilt romantically, not the men. Well I day that both people are involved in the relationship, therefore both should get to be romanced! Sure, men and women receive romantic gestures in different ways, but we must stop to limit our thinking that it is just the women who deserve to be made to feel special. We all know that Valentine’s day is a great excuse to do something out of the ordinary, so make sure you put in the equal effort. Who says a man wouldn’t like to receive flowers (or even a cool plant?!) as a token of your love? Or why not organise something that the both of you can enjoy. Let’s get rid of the stereotyping and make men feel like they have an opportunity to be surprised on this day as well.

2) Flowers and chocolates are a must
Loom it’s not to say that a bunch of flowers and some Malteasers aren’t wasted. But rather it’s about thinking outside the box and getting creative. Some people may not even like flowers or chocolates (crazy people), so try to get creative and organise a special something that actually is relevant to that person’s interests and likes. Putting thought into your V Day gift will give it the true meaning it is meant to have.

3) It’s one of the most important days for a couple
We all know the hype that this day carries. For some they absolutely love and cherish this day, while others boycott it. Let’s not forget what this day symbolises: an opportunity to show the person you care about that you, well care or love them! However, this one day shouldn’t be the only day that you continue to express your feelings for your lover. Some couples aren’t into traditions, while others may be super busy and don’t have time for that romantic dinner on the 14th. And that is OK, your relationship is not a failure if you don’t choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In fact, it is every day that counts towards your relationships and it is those daily actions, words and choices that will keep it strong.

4) If you don’t celebrate it, then you’re a bad partner
It does get a little tense and awkward when one person expectations of Valentine’s Day are different to the person they are dating. My advice is to have quick chat about it, not to just leave it to chance and then be disappointed on the day. No one should be made to feel like they are a bad partner or person, just because they don’t want to celebrate this one day. If you aren’t into it, that’s OK, but if your date or partner is , then indulge them a little. Love is after all not about yourself, it’s about the other person. Do something that makes them feel special in your own un-valentines-day way.

5) All the single people have to miss out
No way, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to have a social get together! Most of the times there are plenty of events on for all the singletons. Or better yet, why not use this day to spoil yourself with a little bit of something you love? We forget that the relationship we have with ourselves sets the tone for the relationships we have with others. Learning to nurture, spoil and love yourself in a healthy way will bring you a whole lot of happiness in and out of a relationship. Don’t miss out on the romance this Valentine’s day; date and romance yourself!

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