5 Unique Late Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Surprise Him

The holiday season is upon us . And sometimes we fall in the category of ” whoops need to by a late Christmas present! 

Other than buying Christmas gifts for our family and friends, we also want to get our hands on the best gift we can find for that special someone in our life and surprise him this holiday season.

Now, you don’t want just any gift, right?

You want to go for something different this year, a gift that is so foolproof you know you can’t go wrong with it yet cool enough to knock his socks off and put a big smile on his face when he unwraps it.

Given how men are notoriously difficult to shop for, it can take some serious website scrolling, Pinterest browsing, and Facebook stalking until you find a present that is good enough for your boo. Or, you can simply take a look at our list and get some Christmas gift inspo here.

Move over ties, socks, and other typical Christmas gift etceteras, enter authentic gifts your man will actually like!

A custom comic-style couple portrait

While gifting him a cute framed picture of you two is a lovely gift, why not take things up a notch this year and do something a bit more unique?

If you have a favorite photo of you two, there are many services out there you can supply your photo to, and they’ll do all the magic, create a portrait, and turn you two into lovely characters that look like they came straight out of a comic.

Beautiful, thoughtful, and most importantly, personalized, this gift can also be considered as a 2-in-1 gift since you’ll be giving him an item he can use to decorate the walls of his room with while at the same time being a sweet reminder of his lovely girlfriend – something that he can cherish for years.

An elegant watch he’ll enjoy showing off

In this day and age when everything seems to be digitized, some might feel nostalgic about the past times, when everything seemed to be a lot simpler than it is today, back when there wasn’t one device like a laptop or a smartphone that could fit all our pictures, files, music, movies, and homework, while at the same time acting as a clock, a calculator, and a calendar.

Among all the gadgetry in this tech-crazed world, it pays to have something timeless and classic, something that evokes nostalgia while at the same time looking modern and up-to-date.

Gifting that special someone with one of the models of elegant Swiss watches is sure to elevate his style and make him look sophisticated and polished while also being versatile enough to be worn and enjoyed every day, 365 days of the year.

Giving him a watch can also be interpreted as a metaphor of giving him the gift of time, which is, truth be told, the most expensive yet priceless gift you can ever give to someone.

A DVD set of his favorite TV show or movie

Everyone has a favorite TV show or a movie they can watch over and over without getting bored even though they know all the dialogues and could reenact every scene in their sleep (which is even more exciting if they’re guilty pleasures).

Whether you two have been going out for a while now or you’re already in a committed relationship, you’re probably aware of his binge-watching tendencies, and you know if he’s into Star Wars and would gladly take a journey deep into the universe of droids and stormtroopers any time of the day or if he’d rather enjoy watching the Bourne Identity as Jason Bourne finds out who he is for the third time this year.

What better way to surprise a movie geek than to gift him a complete DVD set of six incredible episodes of the legendary Star Wars saga, or add another four Bourne movies to his collection?

If these are not the droids…ehem, movies you’re looking for, go with a movie set you know he’ll proudly display on his top shelf and watch whenever he pleases.

Heartbeat wristbands

There are a lot of couples out there who are trying to maintain their relationship even though they’re thousands of miles apart, and in these cases, the Internet is a godsend and Skype, FaceTime, and WhatsApp are the main apps many of them use to stay connected to their loved ones and make their long-distance relationship work.

While this is not an ideal position to be in, technology certainly helps make it easier for those couples, and if you two happen to be one of those couples or one of you has to travel often, a heartbeat wristband could be an amazing Christmas gift that can help you to feel closer wherever you are in the world.

The way this works is both of you put on your wristbands when you go to bed, you place a small speaker under the pillow, and then the wristband sends your heartbeat (which it picks up in real-time) to your partner and vice versa, making it possible for partners to feel as if their partner was next to them.

A food subscription box

The truth is, humans are creatures of habit, and just like we stick with a couple of garments we wear over and over again because we feel comfortable in them, we also love to eat the same old foods, especially if it’s something we already know how to make and are quite good at it, never really thinking about trying something new.

If you feel like your man could try something new without relying on fast food and restaurant deliveries, you should consider giving him a gift card that will enable him to have chef-created recipes and ingredients delivered to his doorstep. He doesn’t have to go to the store, and the meals are delicious and rather easy to make. Clever and convenient, don’t you think?

Christmas season is all about celebrating love and relationships that are meaningful to us, and it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative with gifts and put effort into finding the ones that will speak a thousand words without us uttering a single word.

Whichever you decide on, any one of these Christmas gift ideas has the potential to be the holiday presents your man would greatly appreciate.

Use these Christmas gift ideas to spark some holiday joy, surprise that special someone in your life, and create a memorable experience he’ll cherish for years.


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