5 Ways You Attract Narcissists

Are you attracting narcissists ?

It can be very confusing to interact with a narcissist. Most people are not narcissistic and can find a conversation difficult when you’ve got someone who can’t stop talking about themselves.

There can be a lot of disadvantages to forming relationships with a narcissistic person, especially when you have faced an issue of loving a narcissist.

Background on Narcissists

So what is a narcissist? You need to know about the signs of a narcissist in order to deal with one.

Essentially someone who loves themselves and has an inflated ego can fit the description. Narcissistic personality disorder involves patterns of arrogant and self-centered behavior. People who fit this category often display a lack of empathy or consideration for others and an excessive need to be admired by others.

Many people consider narcissists as people who are selfish, cocky, manipulated, patronizing, and very demanding. You may have noticed ignoring a narcissist to go down badly in a conversation.

In order to deal with a person like this, you’ve got to know how they can come towards you and want to form relationships. Let’s find out more.

1.  Being Timid and Uncharismatic

When things haven’t gone your way, or you have no agenda of your own, this can be a great time for a narcissist to move in.

Perhaps it is through no fault of your own that you are experiencing no desire to express yourself, that you are indifferent about doing things, and have no requirements to be filled.

A narcissist will look at this as an opportunity to talk about themselves to you. They will try and fill a lack of charisma with their own self-inflated ego.


2. Functioning As a Satellite

A lot of people have grown up in situations where another person was the main character in their family, consequently feeling like a satellite that offers a supporting role. We use the term satellite in the way that a satellite in the solar system depends on a planet for its orbit.

People like this will tend to others and try and help them in whatever way they can. Such a person may also think it is their duty to help the more dominant members of their family and so will go out of their way to help people outside of their family circle in the same way.

A narcissist will lap up the opportunity to meet a satellite faster than they can find their favorite products at CBD Hunger Lab!

3. Lacking Relationships with Parents

A lot of people out there who have not had a good relationship with their parents can often attract narcissists towards them.

Parents ask you to question things, and, as a result, you can develop decent questioning habits in your own mind. If you haven’t developed habits like this, it can be difficult to know about whether you’re having a good time or if you’re being treated well around another person.

Those who have not had a good upbringing will often lack the internal monologue that is sufficient to note that they are around a narcissist who does not necessarily care about them.

  1. Feeling Like You Want to be Rescued

If your circumstances are dire in your own head, you will look towards a kind of a superhero to set things straight. A lot of single parents fall into this category, as do those who are unhappy, ill, or losing their looks.

If you recognize that some love is missing from your life, this can be a good motivation to meet great people. However, if you feel that you are desperate for someone to rescue you from misery,  you may attract people who are willing to exploit your desperation.


5. Not Trusting Others

Often a narcissist can look towards forming relationships with people who do not trust others. Regular people in society do not look for contests where they are the prize. A narcissist will live for such a contest – they like people who have mutual interests. After all, it’s all about them. 

Final Thoughts Around Attracting a Narcissist

It’s important to know about how to avoid certain people because the effects of ignoring a narcissist can be beneficial to you. We hope that you have gained knowledge about this issue and that you will use the information to your advantage when forming relationships with people. Attracting a narcissist can generally lead to complications.

Have you ever tried breaking up with a narcissist? How did it go? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section below.


Author’s Bio: Rae has always been interested in human behavior. Her background is in screenwriting, and when she’s not writing articles, she’ll usually be working on some art. Rae is currently working on a play called “how to get over a narcissist”.


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