5 women you should never be ( you should read this…no like really …)

Ok before you start going PC on me and saying everyone should “just be themselves, because everyone is beautiful!!” hear me out. Yes it’s important to know your identity and be true to who you are, but let’s all take a minute to admit that there are certain qualities or character traits we can pick up by default that aren’t really doing us any justice.

Let’s face it girls, some qualities aren’t so beautiful and it’s time to take responsibility for who we are so that we can live the best life possible and attract the right relationships into our lives .

1: Mrs Fixer

This woman is someone who is generous, has a big heart and likes to give, which is awesome but she also likes to try and fix men! It’s all very good to try and save the world but don’t try to change a man, either love him for who he is or date someone that doesn’t have so many problems!

She seems to attract men that have problems, because she believes she can help them , she put herself under a lot of emotional stress and is constantly giving so much all the time that she is drained and unhappy because most in most instances the results aren’t what she wants.

She holds out , hoping that who she is can make up for who he isn’t and so it becomes a long uphill battle and a race against time to fix him before they can have the relationship she always longed for.

2: Mrs Chaser

This is a woman who constantly seems to be chasing men, running after them not because she means to, but because she is either dating unavailable men or is uncomfortable with being on her own.

There isn’t a lot of peace in her life because she is continually left on tender hooks or walking on eggshells waiting for a call, a date or an answer. The men she dates don’t give her a sense of security and often she compromises her self worth to try and keep him or justifies his bad behaviour just to secure him in her life.

When one relationship ends she starts dating quite soon and finds another man to pursue (she’s like that women at the gym that never gets off the treadmill!)

3: Mrs Drama Queen

Pretty sure we have all met this type of woman, in short she not only attracts drama into her life and relationship but she actually thrives of it without even realising.

Drama doesn’t just walk into your life, you either invite it or create it, for this woman she does both. Her daily life, choices and relationships all have a sense of craziness about it which at first seems exciting and adventurous but after awhile it just becomes predictable, annoying and less tolerable to her friends.

Her subconscious has built negative patterns which affect her words and actions that essentially self sabotage her relationships. (hmm not so fun after all !)

4: Mrs Half Complete

This is a true baddie (if I can use that immature term?!) and often we don’t realise that we are her because we are too busy focusing our energy on finding or fixing men to complete our happiness rather than working on being a whole person individually.

This woman believes her life will start after she meets a man and so she lives in the future instead of enjoying the present. She usually dates the wrong men because she yearns for something that can only be filled through self love, self acceptance and inner peace.

She puts her all into a relationship, goes above and beyond and then wonders why she feels drained and hurt every time it fails. (Sorry Jerry McGuire but you don’t complete me!)

5: Mrs Desperate

Ah this is a woman we should all avoid being, because she seems to involve fewer boundaries, lower standards and attract less attractive guys (I mean their personalities of course *cough).

This woman has lost perspective on her situation and even her own worth. She’s lost sight of the bigger picture and is often making decisions based out of her situation and emotional state rather than the truth.

In a way she is a combination of all women above, a bi product of not dealing with and conquering the bad qualities she needed to. But the good news is she is never too far gone to be redeemed and taught how to once again love herself, make better decisions and trust life. (phew!)

In conclusion…(brace yourself) I have been all 5 of these women at some stage in my life ( sometimes I have been all of them at once, the poor men ha!) and I must say each one was a different battle to fight that was draining, at times overwhelming and definitely character building .

I learnt who I didn’t want to be by acknowledging the different types of women I had become, and that was so humbling and freeing at the same time. So ladies, let’s get real with ourselves and keep each other accountable so that we can live in our potential and live happily ever after.. haha well maybe not quite but you get the drift! 😉


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