50 Shades of Grey – E.L James


What it’s about

As an avid lover of romance novels whether they be historical hardbacks, Mills and Boons paperback heroes or history’s greatest love stories, I will acknowledge and be lost in each one.

I must admit that when I picked up this book I actually had no idea what it was about, although a friend did tip me that it was suppose to ‘help save your relationship’.

Needless to say I was quite surprised not to find it in the “self help” section let alone the fact it was based around a volatile and unhealthy S and M relationship.

The book starts with a young woman called Anastasia who is a uni student sent on an assignment as a favour to her roommate to interview the infamous and all powerful and drop dead gorgeous Mr Christian Grey.

Of course in true romance form she falls powerless to his smouldering looks and exuding charm and of course the billionaire with perfectly styled hair and chiselled jaw becomes mystified by this normal run of the mill girl and returns the feelings.

Boom right there we have a fantasy, I mean really, picking her up in a helicopter, being 27 and a billionaire and incredibly good looking?

Could you get anymore farfetched?! Yet my inner goddess revels in delight of this type of character and indulges in this fantasy. So what’s the catch?

Oh he has a ‘red room of pain’ in which he inflicts his messed up Submissive and dominant sex crazed lifestyle on her. Hmmmm not the sort of man you’d want to introduce to mum.. “Hey mum, meet Christian, he‘s rich, good looking and gets a kick out of physically abusing me, he’s awesome…cough….”

So the story goes on where Anna struggles with the battle of this overly possessive rich man and his baggage (count yourself lucky your man’s only baggage is not putting the toilet seat down) and her feelings for him .

The conversation and chemistry between them builds a love hate relationship with this book. The fire and banter between meetings helps to build the tensions and their personality, but just when you think you are getting somewhere, she’s either being a drip or they are having sex, for the 10th time in the space of one chapter.

The romance is killed off a little by the use of swear words and coarse and pretty ‘in your face’ sex talk otherwise known as soft porn.

However get past all that and you do have two characters falling in love in an unlikely situation topped with suspense and anticipation of their next orgasm..err I mean meeting.

What it means

This book became a sensation around the world, opening the public’s eyes to relationships that delight in S and M habits and abusive sexual services and roles, insinuating that this was healthy and desirable.

Call me old fashioned but I don’t believe any type of abuse is healthy or acceptable in a relationship, lightly spanking your partner and playing around is one thing… but chaining you up to beat you..?

Hmmm I’ll let you ladies decide where your boundaries are but mine are pretty firmly based around the idea that beneath all the fun and games it’s what at the centre of that person’s minds that causes them to want and do such actions.

I guess the reason why women got all in a tether about this book is because it presented sex in a new , exciting and illicit way , all instructed by a gorgeous rich powerful man.

Let’s face it ladies we are all suckers for a man who takes control , exudes a sexual power and is living a not too shabby lifestyle .

Christian Grey was all but the man of my dreams till he opened that door to his “special room”. My point is whilst you may find you sex life lacking with your husband , it won’t necessary get any better if you buy him a grey tie and hand him a whip and start talking about painting the bedroom red!

Your husband isn’t Christian Grey (which you should be thankful for) and there are such things as educational books and discs in case he still hasn’t found where your “spot” is.

Christian Grey comes across as a skilled lover, which we all want and can have with practice, instruction, education love and romance …not whips and bruises.

If you want the mystery and romance to be upped in your life, then start “dating ‘ your husband again, seduce him , flirt with him …you married him for a reason so focus once again on what drove you crazy about him in the first place…don’t start thinking about a fictional character!

Lastly look beyond the screaming orgasm and sexual excitement of this practice and understand the mind behind it and the reason he has this desire.

At the end of the day you can ask yourself self what is the price of this type of sexual lifestyle, even Christian grey admits he is ’50 shades of f#*@&ed up” , a healthy relationship begins with a healthy mind.

Stars: 3.5/5

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