6 Creative Bachelorette Party Themes

Who says that bachelorette parties have to all be the same?

Help your bride-to-be throw her last fling before the ring with these fun bachelorette party themes!

Whether you are taking a trip or staying nearby, your bachelorette party theme will help you set the backdrop for your weekend.
You and the rest of the bride tribe can create an Instagram-worthy setup full of creative decor and party favors.

Here are six of our favorite bachelorette party themes from Zola!

Final fiesta:

Help your bride say adios to the single life with a fiesta-themed weekend. Think lots of chips, guac, and queso! Set up a nacho or taco bar and mix up margaritas for your senorita and decorate with quirky cactus decor, bold balloons, and festive pinatas.

Glamping girls weekend:

If your bride loves the outdoors, consider a glamorous camping weekend (better known as glamping!) Utilize cozy and rustic decor such as blankets, wooden coasters, and string lights. Consider a matching photo in flannel robes and set up a hot chocolate serving station at night so everyone can stay warm. You can even mail out your party invites on compostable paper.


If you’re heading somewhere warm, consider a tropical-themed weekend. This theme is full of fresh florals, bold colors, and festive palm leaf prints. Pool floats, blow-up flamingos, and pineapples can turn your house into an oasis.

Tropic Like It

Bohemian bride tribe:

If you have a boho bride, get eclectic with her bachelorette theme. Embrace macrame, earthy tons, and vintage patterns. Activities for a boho trip can include yoga, flower workshops, and outdoor concerts.



Let’s Get Nauti-cal

Want to head somewhere warm and sunny with the girls? A nautical bachelorette is the way to go. Deck out your “I Do” crew with sailor hats, fanny packs, and beach hats to create a weekend fit for the sea.

If you’re planning a destination bachelorette party, consider some beach getaways and try to book a beach house or boat ride.

Nautical themed goodies like inflatable beach balls and anchors make great decorations for your weekend pad.

Last Splash Mermaid Bash

For the mermaid bride trading her tail for a veil, celebrate her bachelorette by the sea. Use plenty of sparkles and soft pastel colors to decorate your under the sea party with bubbles, seashells, and sea creatures.

Have your mermaid squad pack their swimsuits and gift them beach towels as a party favor so they’ll have a souvenir to take home. Add some mermaid themed snacks and dive in.

Whether you’re by the pool or hanging at the beach, you can party your tails off in full mermaid fashion.

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