6 dating rules that are simply outdated

When we embark on finding love, we can sometimes get caught up in a whole lot or rules and regulations. Should we do this vs what we should actually do now. Whilst there are still core values and foundations to follow in building a relationship, the way in which we date has changed a little. So, it’s time to dust off the rule book and cross a few out to re-write some new ones:

The guy should make the first move

Sure, it’s nice for men to take the initiative to contact you, but let’s not forget that they can be just as shy. Don’t be scared to make the first move or contact. Men love a confident woman, plus it also helps getting the conversation happening, rather than waiting for days to be able to chat. The important part is to remember not to come across to aggressive or desperate. Be friendly and bold but let him do the chasing.

The man should always pay for the dates

Personally, I think it’s always more traditional and romantic if the man pays for the first date. But that doesn’t mean that he should be expected to! Make sure you also offer to pay your share. It’s not about trying to own him or test him, but rather contributing to the date in some way to pay your respects. It’s all about finding that balance on the first date.

You must wait a day before you respond to them

Playing games in dating will never get you anywhere. Yes, there needs to be a little bit of chase, but don’t confuse leaving some mystery about yourself with playing too hard to get. Being honest and open will mean that you can send clear signals and get clear responses back.

It’s embarrassing to say you met online

It used to be taboo to say you met online, now it is more common than meeting someone in real life! There is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to online dating. We forget that looking for love online shows that we are being proactive and taking control over our love life, instead of just waiting for it to happen.

No kissing on the first date

There is something magical in waiting until you start being intimate, however if the moment calls for a quick kiss then go for it! It’s important to have fun when you date and not get stuck on the rule book. Whilst I do think you should wait awhile to go the whole way , stealing a kiss when you can both feel the chemistry is always something that will help you decide whether or not you want to see each other again

You need to go on at least two dates to give them a go

If you aren’t feeling it from the first date, then chances are you won’t be felling it on the second. Don’t feel obliged to continue to date someone just for the sake of it, or to try and force it to work. You’ll only be wasting both of your time and holding back the person who is right for you.

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