6 reasons why dating apps and websites are your new best friend!


Welcome to the world of online dating

The dating world can be a little daunting at times, especially when what used to be so simple in high school has now become a minefield in adult land filled with cheesy one liners, skeptical candidates and expensive cocktails!

Among the busyness of juggling life , work, grocery shopping and coffee with friends , the last thing we have time to do is go to all that effort to go out for a night in hopes of maybe just maybe meeting someone we actually might like .

That’s why the best way to cut the chase ( and save time and emotions!) is to go to the same watering hole where all the other like-minded people are : dating websites and dating apps!

Joining one of these marvelous technology inventions doesn’t make you any less traditional or genuine in finding your soul mate, in fact here’s 6 reasons why they should become a part of your life:

1: It opens the door to more possibilities.

By joining a dating website or app you are actually creating opportunities to meet like-minded people and have more chance of finding someone you connect with.

It literally gives you access to numerous people who are also looking for the same thing and increases your ability to be able to find a date without all the searching , blood , sweat and tears!

2: You can get to know someone before you meet them.

Basically this means you are taking away some of the ground work, instead of going on a blind date with someone and hoping that you have things in common, you already will have an idea from their profile information.

Of course meeting someone in person will really determine if you both connect or not, but at least you can get a good idea beforehand and decided whether or not it’s a date worth pursuing.

3: They are portable and travel friendly!

This means no matter where ever you are you have the chance to connect with potential dates all over the world. It’s a great way to meet new people even if it’s just to make some great friends along the way.

Having access to all those dates via one click of your phone does make it all a little easier, simply because you can communicate more regularly without actually having to meet up face to face.

4: The ground is mutual.

This means that instead of going to a bar and having to compete with loud music, too much vodka and other annoying competitors , you can both chat without any distractions, knowing that you are one the same dating page.

It allows you to get straight to the point of getting to know one another without the pressure of social or environmental influences, which in turn makes things a whole less awkward and your judgement a little clearer.

5: It saves you time and emotions.

Dating can be hard work, downright exhausting and not to mention expensive.

Joining a dating website or app allows you to get specific and fine tune what you really want in a partner whilst also giving you the option to say no to someone before you have invested too much time.

In short it means you can choose quality or over quantity and save all your best outfits and energy for people that you already know you will have something in common with and are attracted to.

6: They are fun!

Dating should be fun. It’s not about interviewing possible prospects for potential wife material or dissecting everything about a man to see if he will be the father of your children, but rather being yourself and connecting with someone on the same level.

Online dating and mobile apps means you can browse potentials and get to know them at your own leisure without the pressure, of having to put all your hopes on the one person.

And don’t forget that the key to having successful dates is to have fun, let go of high expectations and understand that timing plays a particular role.

Happy Dating !

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