6 reasons why men cheat


There is probably no worse feeling in a relationship, then the feeling of suspecting or knowing that your partner is being unfaithful.

The cold fingers of dread that creep up your spine and start to squeeze your heart so hard that it disintegrates into a thousand pieces.

Some might think I’m being dramatic, but for those that have felt it, you will know it’s but a mere understatement of the wave of emotions that can hit us when we find out the man we loved and trusted has betrayed us.

It’s no secret that divorce and separation has become an epidemic and with the boom of technology and social media, it seems that we have even more ways our relationships can be threatened.

So why do they do it?

Why are men inclined to throw everything away for the moment with another woman?

Here’s 6 possible reasons for why men will cheat:

1: He’s insecure 

Being unfaithful can often be the result of a  man feeling very insecure within himself , whether he suffers from low self-esteem, depression or has past issues he hasn’t dealt with, it can all manifest in a way that is detrimental to himself and his relationship.

When men are insecure they often cause drama in their life without even necessarily meaning to do so.

However more than not they will use their fears or state of mind as an excuse for their behaviour and play the role of the victim (even though they clearly were the one in the wrong!).

So don’t kid yourself, no matter how low or insecure they feel, they are still responsible for their actions and what they have done is not justifiable.

2: He has a fear of commitment 

For a lot of men, being committed to someone means that they then have a certain expectation placed upon them which they feel they can’t live up to.

They might see being in a monogamous relationship as a means to an end of fun and freedom , or that you will in some way expect them to be more than they are.

It’s the old perception that the man is the head of the relationship, the provider etc., which is not a bad thing but rather it can add a lot of pressure on a guy.

Being in a committed relationship can also make a man feel vulnerable, because it will essentially require a lot more of him than a one night stand and it has a whole lot more consequences than non-committed relationship does.

3: He feels neglected

Men, just like women need attention, romance and the need to feel loved and appreciated.

Life can get busy, especially with children, work, cleaning and everything else but the moment we start letting out priorities get out of order, is the moment we start to invite temptation and issues into our relationship.

Your actions and words have the power to build you man up or tear him down, they will also indicate what you think of him and where he lies on your priority list.

No one likes to feel neglected and unappreciated as it breeds bitterness and resentment.

4: He’s no longer getting his needs met

It’s not rocket science, nor is it a news flash: Men are physical and need sex!

This isn’t about having to be physically intimate with your partner every single day , because if that’s what he wants them I’m afraid there is an even bigger issue at hand *cough .

Regular intercourse will however help to create and keep that close intimate bond between you two , it will satisfy his natural urges and needs, which in turn usually makes him a more desirable and loving partner.

5: He loves the chase

There will be guys that are only in it for the thrill, and these are the ones who usually have a track record of the ‘hit and run’ method i.e.: they hit your heart hard (and your booty) and then run as soon as things become too serious and complicated.

Otherwise known as a player, this guy doesn’t want to commit because that represents the end of fun.

Instead he gets his kicks out of pursuing and chasing the woman and once he has caught her, he will instinctively look for another that can offer him the buzz he is after.

6: He’s fallen out of love or feels your relationship has become complacent

The thing is love is not just a feeling, it’s an action that needs to happen daily regardless of the situations, or emotions you are feeling at the time.

It’s no secret, you’ve got to work hard at your relationship so that it doesn’t become stale, one sided or loveless.

Men can and will cheat if they have fallen out of love or feel like their relationship has died, does it make it excusable?

No, understandable perhaps but at any rate , if a man feels the need to be have an affair after being faithful for a long time , then clearly there were problems going on long before the act itself.

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