6 signs you are in a healthy relationship


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Not sure if your relationship is on the right track? Here are 6 quick ways to tell if you are thriving or just surviving in your relationship:

1: There is peace and progress

This is such a huge indication of the health of your relationship. When there is a deep sense of peace and your relationship is moving forward, that’s how you know you are thriving! There will be times of conflict, of confusion and even periods of standing still. But if your relationship is right, then you will have only short seasons of hardships and you will both be stronger because of it.

2: There is some conflict, but it is always resolved

Conflict is completely normal and healthy in a relationship. It is a part of communicating our needs and wants and learning to grow as a couple.

However constant fighting, aggression or anxiety is not normal and should never be tolerated. When you are in a healthy relationship, you will fight, but your fights will have a resolution.

There won’t be days of passive aggressive radio silence or punishment. No, both of you will want to move forward, forgive and put it behind you.

3: There is regular intimacy and affection

This doesn’t mean that you have to be having sex every night. Intimacy and affection doesn’t have to be sexual, most of the time true intimacy is about a deep and loving connection.

It can be a look that you share, a knowing smile or those comfortable silences which surpasses anything that words could say in that moment. When we have great communication between our spouse, we encourage intimacy on a whole new level.

4: The effort and hustle is equal

When two people want to make a relationship work, they will both put in the equal effort. There will be times when one may give or take more than the other, however the mindset and intention should always be to meet halfway.

A healthy and strong relationship is about a partnership and where each person fulfills their role, not to satisfy themselves but to satisfy their partner in a loving way.

5: You both have individual purpose outside of each other

When we are in love or with someone for a long time. It’s hard not to just meld into one and lose your own sense of self. But couples who are successful in relationships, are people that understand the importance of being able to have purpose outside of their relationship.

By having your own individual goals and focus, you can fulfill a part of you that your spouse isn’t meant to. It not only means that you will be growing but also achieving personal goals that ultimately add to your own happiness.

Plus, it also means the focus and emotions aren’t entirely on your relationship, giving it the healthy space that it needs.

6: You laugh and have fun

It’s easy to get caught up in the seriousness of life, that we forget to also have fun along the way. Relationships that thrive are relationships that also make time for joy, fun and laughter.

This isn’t about joking about real issues and just laughing off your responsibilities, but having a deep sense of joy in your couple and within yourselves. It’s important to take time out to do things together that keep things fresh, light and amusing. If you can make each other laugh and smile daily, then you have something that is strong and worth fighting for.

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