6 signs he’s just not that into you



Men are hard to figure out sometimes.

When we start to date someone, we want to know it’s because they have a genuine interest in us. No one wants their time and emotions wasted, so how can we tell if he really is keen? Here are 6 common signs that will shed some light on his true intentions:

1: He texts instead of calling

Don’t get me wrong, cute little texts are still communicating and nice. But when he chooses to always send a text rather than make the extra effort to pick up the phone and call…you have a guy who isn’t that into you.

Men will actively pursue the woman they want; they will make time to communicate with her. A phone call signifies that he wants to hear your voice, get a clear message across and have a more intimate conversation. A simple text is usually a bit non-committal and convenient.

2: He doesn’t listen

Whether he’s forgotten what you just said or doesn’t pay attention to the details of what’s important to you, this indicates that he isn’t into it as much as what you might be. A guy that really wants to be involved in your life will actively listen to what you have to say. And you will know this because he will remember the little things and ask the right questions.

3: He’s never available to see you

Basically he isn’t making you a priority in his life and schedule, and it’s all about what is convenient for him. Ladies, when a man wants to be with you, he will organise his daily routine to include you.  He won’t be able to see enough of you and will be booking your up in advance to secure time with you.

4: He doesn’t talk about any future plans

This is because he doesn’t see an immediate future with you. This could change down the track, but don’t be fooled. A guy that wants to get to know you will be making plans to do just that.

You shouldn’t have to fight for his time and attention, if he is serious about you then he will be doing everything he can to court you. If a man is into you, you will know if from the start and there will be a sense of some sort of future even if it is just early days.

5: His actions don’t line up with his words

When they say one thing and do another, it’s a good indication that they aren’t wanting anything serious with you. Because men that are keen, will make sure they follow through with their promises and words to you.

They want to build trust and a solid foundation. They want to impress and woo you.

6:  He fidgets when you are on a date

This is either because he is nervous or because he is bored. Hopefully it is the former, but if it is the latter then you will know soon enough because he will find excuses to leave or will be easily distracted.

A date is all about sending quality time together and getting to know one another. So if the man you are with starts playing with his phone or looking around the room, making you feel invisible or insignificant then perhaps it’s time to date someone else that appreciates you.

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