6 sure signs he’s for keeps ( as seen on Lovestruck.com)

Thanks to the internet, finding a date has become a whole lot easier, however finding someone that you actually want to spend the rest of your life with has become a little bit more than a walk in the park.

Unfortunately quantity doesn’t necessarily represent quality and thanks to the internet and social media we now can choose to break up with someone before we’ve even had the chance to actually date them!

So to make it a little easier for you all, here are 6 tell-tale signs if they are really someone you should keep in your pocket ( not literally of course):

1: They call instead of texting

Relationships aren’t built on convenience and in a very fast paced technology driven world it’s easy to see why people choose a text over a phone call. However when someone choose to call you instead it effectively signifies 3 things:

1) That you are priority and they will set aside time for you in their day and schedule to actually make that call.

2) They appreciate good communication

3) They aren’t afraid to take things to the next level and feel confident and safe with you.

In short, whilst texting is convenient, it also requires a lot less commitment and energy.

2: You are a priority, daily

This will become evident because you won’t feel like you have to fight for a time or place in their life. A healthy relationship means that there is equal give and take and that you are both making a way for each other in your lives.

Spending quality time together regularly helps keep you both in check so that you can be aware of who is feeling a bit neglected.

3: They support your dreams and values

Yasss! Someone who makes you feel like you can conquer the world is someone worth holding onto. The right partner will bring out the best in you, encourage you to live your dreams and support you along the way.

They should be building you up daily, not tearing you down, don’t kid yourself, the right person for you will be your number one fan in a non- stalker type way).

4: There is peace and progress

These are the two biggest indications of a healthy relationship, moving forward and feeling at peace.

Conflict and road blocks are a normal part, however if there is more of these two than the good two, perhaps you shouldn’t be a two.

There will be rough patches along the way, this is how you both learn to grow as a couple and communicate effectively, but don’t kid yourself if you are living in doubt and anxiety about your relationship.

5: You can see a firm future

There is something so wonderful when you both have a clear future together, no games, no guessing and no hazy fog blurring the way.

This also gives you a sense of peace, reassures your commitment to one another and allows you to both work towards a mutual goal.

Love isn’t meant to be a one way street full of doubt and circumstantial maybes, so make sure the person you give your heart to is looking in the same direction as you.

6: There is trust between you both

It’s such a simple word, yet it carries so much and really does have the power to hinder or progress your relationship. You should be able to be transparent with one another, open and honest.

Trust does take time to build but it is essential to any healthy and loving relationship, so make sure you have buckets of it!

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