6 things to expect if you are a strong woman


1: Men will be scared to date you

Well probably not the most positive point to start with! But unfortunately it’s true, which actually isn’t all that bad. When you are a strong woman who knows her worth and purpose, some men will become intimidated. Why?

Because they have to match you stride for stride and this makes them question their own strength as a man. However, the right man will appreciate and adore your strength and will encourage you to become stronger everyday.

2: You will probably be single for longer

I guess the second point doesn’t sound promising either! But it is, because a strong woman is someone who refuses to settle. She is a woman who knows that happiness does not come from a man. She is someone who is more than content to wait until the right man comes along. Because she realises that being single is better than being with the wrong man, just for the sake of having someone.

3: Women will have an opinion about you (haters gonna hate)

When a woman stands tall, there will always be people trying to tear her down. They say you aren’t truly successful till someone hates you! People will be jealous of you because secretly they admire you and complaining about you is an easier option then trying to focus and fix their own issues.

Be prepared to be ostracized and disliked. But more often than not you will only have 1 hater to the 100 of people that love and respect you. It’s your choice which voice you want to listen to.

4: You will have to carry a bit more on your shoulders

This is because you can. A strong woman is also very capable of doing more than one thing at a time and will usually have other people lean or rely on her. The important thing to remember though, is that just because you are able to carry more, doesn’t mean you should or have to. Make sure you also set healthy boundaries and put yourself and your mental, emotional and physical health first.

5: People will expect more of you

And by now you are probably wondering where the positive points are?! It’s true if you are a strong woman then chances are not only will you have high expectations of yourself, but so will everyone else.

There will probably be more pressure and less support, only because people recognise your strength. Don’t be too harsh on yourself and learn to love yourself even when you fail. Remember that you don’t have to justify yourself to other people or live up to their unrealistic expectations.

6: You will inspire so many other people…and that makes all those first 5 points worth it!

Finally, a reason why all those hard areas are worth it in the end. A strong woman is a leader, and people need a leader to look up to. Don’t underestimate who you are and what your strength does for others.

As a strong woman we can often become so focused on being strong or achieving our next goal that we forget to give ourselves some credit. Celebrate your strength and remember also that you are allowed moments of weakness as well.

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