6 Things That Men Actually Want In Their Dream Partner

Every person has some kind of expectations from their partners. You might have heard something like this from the woman’s perspective because they’re believed to be more emotional, but men are generally taken for granted when it comes to expectations.

However, that’s not true. Men too have so many dreams of having someone with ‘xyz’ traits. The rarest of questions that you’d find anyone answering is – “what men actually want from their partners?”.

You might just think about it for a couple of minutes and get over with the thought, but what men want from their partners is an equally important issue and must be paid attention to and that’s exactly what we’ll look forward to in this piece of content.


Kindness is utmost important

“A little spark of kindness can put a colossal burst of sunshine into someone’s day”.

Someone quite rightly said this and this makes absolute sense in accordance to today’s time. Every man wants his partner to be with a kind heart.

What would one do with a beautiful face when there’s no kindness behind the same? Men look for the respective characteristic trait first in their beloveds.


Honesty is the best policy

Can a woman bear the burden of a lie? How can we expect the same from a man?

Practically talking, a woman might just look past when a man lies (in some situations), but a man cannot stand lies on his face or even his back, specifically from his partner.

Being honest picks you and keeps a woman on the top of the list in no time. This aspect is important but takes time to make men realize that their partner is an honest person.


Independence and Energy

Men these days prefer women who are financially as well as in other spheres independent. The other way of saying the would be – they don’t want a relationship which suffocates both individuals.

A relationship calls for independence or what you also call as personal space which every individual looks out for.

On the other hand, energy is also a factor that men want from their partners. The way of being energetic directly impacts the relationship. Nobody wants a lazy partner who thinks hundred times before doing anything.

Should be playful

After a day full of stress and anxiety, a man wants to come home to an environment that takes away all the stress.

Being playful or jovial is a characteristic feature always keep a man happy. Talking about the good things, playing love games to build a stronger relationship and so many other things are there that a man looks forward to in his partner.


Love completes things

Without love, you wouldn’t even be together in the first place. Every man wants that unconditional, consistent and constant love from his partner that would make all things right even if there are hard times.

“No relationship is a bed of roses all the way through. You have to face the heavy rains and grey clouds to find that bright rainbow that comes later”.

This is what you should believe in if you really want to be loved by your man because men look for love from you no matter what the situation is.


Respect always comes first

Though mentioned last, respect is one trait that should never go missing in one’s relationship. Men want a lot of respect from their partners because they want to give back the same to them.

If you read a lot about relationships, you’d find this to be one thing that every man wants from his partner. There’s nothing wrong about it and this is one of the most important priorities in a man’s life.

Respecting his ideas, thoughts, opinions, and everything that he has is what a man wants.


What do you look for in your partner? Do let us know in the comments below.


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