6 Top First Date Hacks To Impress A Guy

Here are the 6 first date tips to impress him even more.

Learn how to get your crush to like you back and which top first date hacks impress a guy. In this video I will give you my top first date tips that will impress him and make him want you even more.

If we can set a good impression by using these simple first date tips and first date hacks then you will increase your chances of a second date! We all know that first impressions count .

And sometimes knowing what to do before you go on a date means you have a little more confidence on the actual date.

Want to know some quick tips to uncomplicated the process and come across as a sexy , savvy woman?

Watch our tastes Youtube video below :

6 top first date hacks to impress a guy | First date tips to make him want you more!

Here are those tips again , just to break them down :

1: Be On Time

Whilst this may seem obvious to some , it’s something that is widely underestimated. Being on time or at least communicating if you are running late is a simple way to show respect to your date.

It indicated that you are mindful of them and ready to prioritise them and the time set aside with them. Men will always be looking for a woman who is able to make him feel respected whilst communicating her own self respect.

2: Ask The Right Questions

If you know what to say , then you not only feel more confident but also can come across as interesting , fun all whilst getting to know more about him. The right questions should have a mix between normal and also fun vibes.

Next week we will be doing a video on the 5 types of questions to ask on a first date so stay tuned!

3: Trigger His Senses

Now this one may be one that you haven’t thought of , and that is triggering his primal senses. Not only can we do this through our appearance but also his sense of smell.

It’s actually statistically proved that sense of smell is the biggest memory trigger , so if you can tap into that in the beginning and leave him with a specific perfume scent he will think of you every time he smells it.

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4: Keep some mystery about yourself

The last thing you want to do on a first date is OVERSHARE ! There has to be a good couple of reasons of why he wants or needs a second date with you and one of those reasons is because he wants to find out even more about you.

Try and keep conversation light , fun and first base , if he is the right man then there will be plenty of time to go into more depth about who you are and what your back story is.

5: Be Fun

One of the biggest reasons why a man will want to see a woman again is because she is fun to be around. This doesn’t mean you have to be comedic or naughty , but rather you know how to be joyful company.

Try not to get to serious , even if the nerves kick in and if you know this isn’t your forte , then choose a date that incorporates a fun activity like skirmish or a comedy festival.

6: Offer to help pay for the bill

Lastly , show him that you are ready to bring value by being generous and thoughtful and not self entitled. Offer to help pay for the bill even if you know he won’t want you to , the gesture of offering will show him that you are ready to be equal in effort .


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