6 Valentine’s Day gifts perfect for him!

It’s tough knowing what to buy your man on a day that is mainly about spoiling women. But I think that men need to be romanced just as much as us girls and so it’s time to get creative and practical about what you can buy him. Remember it’s not about how much money you spend on him , but rather the thought that goes into to present. Heck the very first Valentine Day present I gave my fiance was some cans of tuna, a muesli bar( which I ate) and some macaroons ( which I ate as well!) ..he loved it , because well it was food. But moving along , I have found 6 really cool ideas which I think your man might appreciate :

1: George Wolfenbear Beard Oil 

Slate Edition by George Wolfenbear, some say he is a renegade rogue others say he is the direct descendant of the King who walks alongside the pack – ever vigilant, always watching, utilising years moulded by the dark rendering him able to walk in the shadows undetected like no other. We say it’s time to get your man’s facial hair feeling and looking super soft and shiny.

With a balanced combination of five all natural oils including grape seed, jojoba, virgin argan, sweet almond and meadow foam; George Wolfenbear’s beard oil is specially formulated for regular use to assist in the growth, maintenance and curation of magnificent beards.

And let’s face it , no one wants pash rash .

Cost: $35 

2: A toxin free massage just for him.

These facial rituals are designed specifically for the recipient by Natalie, owner of Kindred Toxin Free Facials. Nothing too fluffy, or floral! Keeping skin care simple and includes advice on what to use at home. This facial also includes massage of the face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and a scalp massage to reduce stress. Natalie has more than 17 years experience and each ritual includes massage, customized skincare and aroma inhalations.

Cost: $160 




3: Playboy underwear 

Time to upgrade from the socks and buy your man a new pair( or a few) of these sexy undies. . The new range of Playboy men’s underwear is sophisticated, sexy and a little bit edgy – everything a modern Playboy man embodies.  Playboy has stepped it up a notch this time and the designs are fun and classy.



4: Accessories that will make him buckle at the knees

Every man needs a set of cuff links and a bow tie.  Buckle /1922  is a the perfect brand for any man wanting to transform into a gentleman( well physically anyway) These unique romantic inspired cuff links, bow ties and floral lapel pins will set him apart from the rest and have him looking dapper for your next dinner date. Super hip and classy !

Cost: $34-$49 



5. Rogue Society Gin 

If your man appreciates a nice drop and isn’t a huge wine fan, then why not buy him a bottle of premium gin? It’s the perfect mixer for those hot summer nights and is something that will be brought out on special occasions. Rogue Society is the brainchild of two passionate and creative brothers from NZ. Their gin is based on a 300 year old that uses the aromas of over 9 smoked roots and flowers giving it a real distinctive taste. Word on the street is that a gentleman loves gin!Best part is , is that you can pop down to Dan Murphys and grab a bottle last minute!

Cost: $84.95

6:  A Sony Cube speaker to pump up the jam!

What man doesn’t love his sound system, especially if it is portable? Don’t underestimate the power of this tiny cube, with the SRS-X11 portable Bluetooth Speaker, he can stream music for up to 12 hours with an enhanced bass. The speaker is powerful enough to play your music at a high quality and with powerful sound, but compact enough to go with you anywhere. You can even pair two of these speakers together to amplify sound…that is a good excuse to buy one for yourself as well #hisandhers .
Cost : $99



Image courtesy of Janoon028 @FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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