6 Warning Signs Online Dating Has Become Toxic For You

Too much of a good thing could be bad for anybody…

And using it too much in an unhealthy manner could lead to it being toxic for you.

Before you dive in towards online dating, one must know how to protect themselves to avoid in getting drowned by its toxicity. Here are the 5 warning signs to help you determine if online dating is already toxic for you.


1. You keep getting mixed signals

If you really want something, then you must make a way to work it out. Some people come out strong at first then they just slowly disappear and get back to you again as if nothing happened.

This is one of the common traits of online dating users who they keep potential dates interested in the bench so they can sub them in if they’re bored or if their first option didn’t work out. 

You will know from the start that their actions and words are inconsistent. For example, they promised to call you at this time, then they call you the next day acting as if they never promised to call you yesterday.

This kind of behavior is one of the first indicators that they are not entirely interested in you. Wanting someone to stick to their word is not nagging or being demanding. You just need a person who is honest, one who will explain to you why they cannot commit rather than trying to be too accommodating.

Don’t stick out to people who aren’t sure of what they want. Those kinds of relationships are just too toxic for anyone who’s serious of really finding a significant other.


2. Different intentions for one girl

Be aware of those sexy first messages you receive from a guy. It may be flattering at first, but you know deep down in your mind that their intentions are different.

If a guy you haven’t met personally kept on telling you how much they desire you and what they want to do with you is a clear indication that they just want to get laid.

Don’t be blinded by flattering words. Think about whether this behavior and type of temporary relationship are acceptable for you. Bottom line is, talk to yourself whether you’re okay with that or not. I’d say it’s the latter, right?

Don’t ever force yourself into a relationship where you don’t know where it’s headed. In the end, it will only leave you sad and confused.


3. They refuse to take the next dating step

I know how frustrating it is to force someone or even be forced to take the next dating step. We all want a good sign that things are moving great.

But come on, it’s not all hearts and flowers with dating. You’re chatting everyday day for a month now, but they still refuse to even talk to you face to face or even through video chat. That could be a warning sign.

Online dating apps are to be used only for connecting with other single people online. But if you think you’ve already found the right match, then it is time for both of you to step up your dating game by taking the relationship offline. Not linger on the dating platform longer than it’s necessary.

There are many possible reasons why they refuse on video calls, they might be scammers, or they’re already in a relationship. If it’s neither of those two, then they’re probably not ready for the kind of relationship you’re interested in.


4. Suspicious profile and/or photos

If someone’s profile is too vague and doesn’t have enough information, that doesn’t mean they are not who they say they are. But it might be an indicator that they’re not willing to put enough effort on their profile, or just not eager to actually find someone.

People who don’t post clear photos of themselves or with their friends might show that they are not real, but you can always ask for their social media accounts. If they don’t have one of those, then you really need to worry.

There is nothing wrong about being shy, secretive, and reserved. But if these personalities are still the same throughout the time you’re getting to know each other, then it might be an online dating warning sign.

This is a big red flag if a person continuously avoids sharing their personal information. Things such as where they’re from, about their family, and what they do for a living.

Being shy is one thing, but do you really want to be in a relationship with a guy who’s too secretive? I don’t think so.


5. They talk about how rich they are

Be aware of those people who are braggs too much. It kind of looks like they’re letting you know that you should date them because they’re loaded.

Think about why they should need to talk about their money so much. It’s okay to share a little bit about their career, but too much money talk when you just met suggests deep insecurities or potential lies.


6. Badmouthing gets out of hand

Another warning sign that you should look out for is if they are endlessly bad mouthing their ex.

 It’s nice to know someone by knowing their past, but the red flag is when they keep talking about their ex and blaming them for everything why the relationship ended.

 People who have unresolved issues about their past relationships are generally not ready to be in a relationship and dating them could lead to a very toxic affair that’s just not worth for a heartbreak.

 Everyone deserves a loving relationship that makes them feel valuable and important. Being aware of these warning signs will prevent you from having a toxic online dating experience or relationship.

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