6 ways to reduce conflict in your relationship.

photo courtesy of benreed.net

photo courtesy of benreed.net

1: You don’t ALWAYS have to be right.

Yes it’s true, it’s not about winning every fight but instead trying to resolve them so that they don’t happen again, even if this means swallowing your pride.

Even when we know that we are right, it doesn’t give us the permission to gloat and rub it in their face, sometimes allowing them to think they are right means a lot more peace. Stop trying to keep score, being the bigger person is sometimes becoming the smaller one and humbling yourself.

2: Give up the ‘Silent Treatment’

Ok so it seems that we are infamous for giving men the silent treatment, I mean it’s like this genetic trait we are born with (just like our need for chocolate!) It’s a punishment that gets our point across to men very quickly, when a woman ceases talking, you know something is very wrong, why?

Because we all know that we are also genetically blessed to talk more frequently than men! We tend to bottle things up and then explode with no warning leaving our man clueless to why we are upset , because they just assumed that our silence on issues were also our compliance!

So it’s time to start talking (when you have calmed down) about how you feel. Men are direct creatures, so say it how it is at the time it happens, not days later after you have had time to stew over it and build it up to be something bigger than it actually is.

3: Choose your words

What you speak has an incredible impact on a relationship because words can either build something up or tear something down. Choose your words carefully and learn to be aware of what you say so that you can start speaking life, peace and restoration into your partnership.

Constant negative and bitter words will only poison what you have and limit the potential of your relationship as well as your happiness.

4: Let stuff go

It’s time to stop keeping a track record of every little thing that they get wrong, this is a game about who’s got the lowest score but rather a relationship which is constantly growing.

It’s easy to forgive rather than forget, but you have the choice to focus on the good rather than the bad. Constantly brining up past faults will only keep you and your relationship in the past instead of moving forward into a better future.

5: Learn to forgive quickly

Easier said than done, but it’s a good habit to cultivate earlier on. Forgiving quickly doesn’t mean you are ignoring the problems or won’t struggle without being able to keep bringing up past issues, it is however important as to ensure progress and peace in your relationship.

6: Get enough sleep and exercise

This might seem a little random, but how many times have we snapped because we were either so tired or just restless and had a build up of frustration?

Exercise is not just an important habit for physical health but it also is great way to clear the mind and sweat out any built up emotions vigorously on the treadmill.

It forces you to step away from your frustrations and focus on something else, often helping you put things back into perspective. Sleep deprivation can turn you into a ticking time bomb ( as most parents will know!)so it’s important to recognise when you need to just stop and rest to save your sanity ( and relationship).


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