7 Ideas For Socially Distant Dating

Love doesn’t have to be on hold!

Dating guru, Gemma Wilks, believes that just because you can’t meet your perfect partner in-person during lockdown, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy each other’s company.

The boss of We Just Clicked,a photography business which specialises in helping single people stand out and get more attention online, has years of experience shooting eye-catching photos and penning kick-ass copy for dating profiles.

Her business has helped scores of singles across the UK to find love online.

Now, she is sharing her top tips on how to date during lockdown; tips that are ideal for people who have recently found their ideal match but are frustrated with not being able to meet up in person.

Gemma said: “Even during lockdown, the dating wheels can still be in motion – despite social distancing. We’re not talking back and forth messaging, you probably do plenty of that already. We’re talking face-to-face, interactive, virtual dating.”

Gemma’s top tips include:

1.   Have a video call with your date

Many dating apps now allow the use of video, so if you’re not using one that does, we highly recommend checking out Cosmopolitan’s blog on video dating apps. Or just use WhatsApp.

2. Get active together

Each take it in turns to recommend a daily workout and exercise together over WhatsApp.


Maybe share your daily walk together. A video call or phone call and a nice long chat. Switch between your forward and rear facing cameras so your date can benefit from what you’re seeing on your walk.


3. Cook (or order-in) and eat together

One of you choose a recipe or make one up and cool together. Don’t go wrecking your phone with flirty food fights though. After all the hard work, get comfortable and enjoy your meal together as you continue your video call.

If cooking isn’t your thing, order your date surprise takeaway to their door! Did somebody say, “Just Eat?”

4. Watch the same thing together

Rather than boxset cheat, agree a staple series and binge watch together, such as The Neston BBC, Hello Ladieson HBO or if you’re into reality TV, Too Hot to Handleon Netflix.

5. Play a VR game together

Try out different virtual reality experiences together. If you don’t have a full on headset, you can pick a Google Cardboard up for next to nothing or get creative and make your own. There are a wealth of VR experiences, including Ocean Rift, Fulldive VRand Melody VR.


6. Play I Spy together

You can’t beat a good game of I Spy. Ok, so maybe this suggestion is a little silly but you’d be surprised at the fun you could have with it. Get your forward-facing camera on and away you go.

7. Play an online game together

Online quizzes are pretty popular at the moment and Eventures seem to have a different one each week. Try your hand at Quick Draw, by Google, where you have to draw things, like a pear, or a wardrobe and your date has to guess what it is. It’s good fun. And then there’s classics, like Scrabble.


About We Just Clicked

Gemma’s specialism is helping single people stand out and get more attention online. So in order to get anywhere close to discussions around your first date you need to put in the legwork first.

We Just Clicked work closely with singles looking for love, to find out what makes them tick and to ensure they’re selling and presenting themselves in the best way possible.

If you’re struggling to get traction with your online dating profile, get in touch with We Just Clicked. They’ll shoot you some beautifully bold and eye-catching photos to get you noticed. They’ll also work with you to write an engaging dating profile, encouraging more people to make the first move and start a conversation with you.


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